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Gundam models

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The other most common size of Gundam models is 1/100.

At this size, most parts are colored correctly, and stickers usually provided for the parts not in the right color. So for those of us who do little to no painting, it's great.

A Good portion of 1/144's have some sort of 1/100 version ( be it High Grade, or Master Grade). I would suggest getting High Grades for you. Master Grades have a lot more pieces, and 1 broken piece, usually means the kit is now spare parts... and at their price, normal peopel can't afford doign that. 1/100 High Grades are cheaper, and have less parts, and STILL look good.

Only really good place I know personally of, to get Gundam models online, is http://www.hlj.com . They carry EVERY Gundam model kit at one point, that has ever been made.


...for example is the 1/100 Epyon

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