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Gundam seed 2 jp site up

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Dark haired lady? The only female character shown is the red head.

That's a guy with long black hair ( the new leader of ZAFT).

Thus far, the only shown, character returning, is Athrun Zala ( although he uses an alias, so people don't know his real connection to Patrick Zala). We know he is Cagali's bodyguard, who seems to be making some political enemies due to her stance in all of things. It's also unknown what MS he may pilot, if he does pilot one at all.

Kira, Archangel, Murrue, and the rest of the cast from Seed, still have not been mentioned. I figure though, most of them will make cameos.

As for the mecha... I hate the impulse. it's a cheap Strike knockoff, and it's torso looks terrible in the line art ( chances are, animation will fix that though). Although I like it's new power system idea... even if it is partially taken from Nadesico.

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Is there a website that has good info on the series and mecha that you may know about? If so please tell me.

There isn't much info out right now as it is. Seed Destiny will not start until Full Metal Alchemist is done, and that still a few months away. So any info right now, is still sketchy at best.

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