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I really hope I'm not stirring up trouble with this topic and I tried looking back but I didn't see any other topics about this. I'm making a video game with Brolly and one of the things I'm trying to get right are the names. I really started thinking about this when I tried deciding what Zerebubuse/Zerbubuth/Zurubuth name should be. I was conviniced by Sully to change Lisker's name to Risker. And Zx-tole,Ex-tol, Zek-tor,Zex-tole is another one I'm really concerned about. All i'm tring to figure out is of all the diffrent ways to say the names which one is right or used most often?

Zerebubuse or Zerebubuth?

Zx-tole, Zek-tor ect.

Darzerb, Durzerb,Darzurb..

Thancrus, Zanthcrus...

Ramoith (It sounds like Ram-0-Cheese but it's always spelled like Ram-oth)

Those five are the ones that seem to have the most different ways to say them. At least a lot of them don't have a lot of different ways. I hope I'm not causing trouble.

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I would just have Zek-tole, Thancrus and Zerebubuse (Personelly though I alwas just spelled it Zerebuse because I alwas hated the bubuse bit).

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That's the problem with Japanese. You can't really translate things to english that well, so multiple spellings are highly common.

Which is while, you'll never see anyone correct you on the names here, because we know what you mean, and with so many ways to spell it, they practically are almost rigth anyway.

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To give some examples of multiple names of anime/characters etc...


Captain Harlock/Herlock

FLCL -> Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly


The L/R thing is common since there is neither an L or R in Japanese and thus either are switchable :wink:

Heh, I wouldn't worry about it.

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I guess I'm not worring anymore, I remember Sully mentioning a "Data File" book where it has all the official names in it and that's how I learned it's "Risker" and not "Lisker". It comes down to Brolly and I deciding on which spellings to use.

Yeah, the "Visual Data Files" book. Quite a few people on the board have a copy, including myself.

If your ever curious, post, or PM me and I can look it up for ya.

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If the names are based off a foreign language, or at least seem to be, I'd used the foreign sounding name.

Alucard is Dracula spelt backwards, so I'd use the L over the R.

We have historical references for Barcas and Guyot (thought I don't like those spellings), but they seem to have just a bit more to them with the back ground.

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Direct japanese translations:-






i like to think that these would be pronounced:-






although any variations on these are widely accepted.

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