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Sentai Wallpaper go here

Toku Warrior

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Guest DaMoe

Dekared, for those Rangers Strike wallpapers, YOU ROCK.

Seriously, you have just made my day.

And Ryuki, AWESOME wallpaper, not only was it the very first wallpaper i've found that fit my screen resolution on this laptop, but it just ROCKS.

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nah, you don't have to. there are a lot of People with 4:3 monitors.

although an idea would be to make them resize-friendly..

meaning, leave the tops and/or bottoms relatively unimportant.

some of the time, People like blank areas for their icons anyway, so that way if you leave some space for icons or for resize, that will help People out.

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These wallpapers are awesome. Computer Wallpapers are one of many things I collect.

Same I also collect nice wallpapers. I used to be into Power Rangers when I was younger. I remember characters from it like lord Zedd,Rita,Goldar and few others from back when I used to watch it. But I gotten 2 wallpapers saved from this thread ranger strike mecha. Very nice images.

Now into more violent gory stuff like guyver,warhammer,warhammer 40000,anime berzerk, Anime full metal alchemist and anything that is at least minimum 15+ rating. I actually prefer 18+ vilolent rated movies,animes and games. Non of that weird Hentai stuff. :lol:

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