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Found 2 results

  1. the following are only theories about how the armor guyver obcervacion of herds in the manga comparing the functions of the armor guyver with other technology makers to appreciate that in the series, Nothing said here is a fact found only theories from me if you have any discrepancies or notice that there are errors in my deductions are free to correct, starting with the life support system I think been largely forgotten: the fact that the armor could be classified as a survival suit tnato for space and under water and that like relics ships within these produscan a liquid to flood the host body, filling the lungs stomach, and every part of the body, providing oxygen besides nutrients to the body, for indefinite periods of time, expulcion echo of the gas from air locks could be defined as a system of excretions, and a look metabolisado fluid within the body that is expelled from this as the steam the outer skin is not working as that of the relics it is more like a stiffer rmadura I inpermeable yeba so I think that is cimilar to the tentacles that are relics to aterrisar craft, Finally, the eyes of the Guyver has been seen on many occasions that closing the guyver helmet this little membbrana descends as a kind of liquid cellandose, which tells me that there is a viewer, which isolates the eyelids of the rest of the body, but these, sctuan in the same way that the screens relics within the vessels, which tells me that even the occupant has sawed his eyes, still see what happens because the helmet visors still sending the information directly to your visual polite Good as I said these are just my guesses about the operation of the Guyver suit
  2. Good just got this volume hope you like this little heavy but excellent quality hope you like parte 1 tomo 28 parte 2 tomo 28
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