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  1. Happy Birthday, Raz. :D

  2. I found this on 4Chan, but I can't figure out what it is, anyone know what this creature is? It says Ultraman, but I don't know if it's Ultraman or some other character from the show. Sorry for the size
  3. I'm been looking over the various Chan sites, they have some great stuff among the filth. I found one that had a Wayne Barlowe thread , anybody remember him? Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials, Barlowe's Alien Life, Barlowe's Expedition. Not Anime, but I love Sci-Fi.
  4. I'm not paranoid, they are watching me! So, Ryuk, who are your friends here?
  5. Yoichi Hiruma Great character Hinakick.Web had some great art, (As well as some that's NSFW) I haven't been able to find it again . . .
  6. I'm not insulted, everyone has questions. Yeah, the people who killed Christ have been dead for two thousand years, I don't see how anyone can rationally blame modern Jews who probably aren't even related to the killers, who are, as I said, long dead. Christ was a Jew, as much as some people try to deny it, all the Apostles, Mary, Paul, all Jews by birth and even by faith until becoming Christian. Still, I don't like the other side of the coin either, where people try to say that the Romans were behind it all and the Jews just bystanders. I can see why people would want to say that, because, as you brought out, stupid, hateful people wrongly blame modern Jews for for an ancient crime, but we can't change facts because we don't like them, certain Jews had Christ killed, not all of them by any means, nor were all jews condemned for it, but Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin weren't innocent bystanders to evil old Pilate, they were behind the whole thing. They're dead, they've paid for their crimes, modern Jews have nothing to do with it. Their race had nothing to do with it, they were jealous of his following and had him killed. I wish people would just think about and realize how insane it is to be a Christian and an Anti-Semite, Christ was a Jew! Sorry, it's just a very aggravating thing. As for Satan, I believe he exists as an entity, but people who blame him for everything miss the whole point, the Bible says sin came to us through Adam, not through Satan. Adam chose to sin. Satan does evil things, yes, but humans do most of them on our own, and he can't force us to do anything. People who blame Satan for their crimes are just trying to shift blame from the real criminals, themselves.
  7. Some stuff I found on an image board, 4-Chan I think. I really like the Naruto one. I don't recognize any of these One Piece characters, if it from One Piece, the guy with pink hair looks familiar, though. Eyeshield 21, I love that Manga!
  8. I believe in God. I have to say, though, that much of Christianity has given Christ a bad name, Inquisitions, Crusades, the slave trade, conquering other people in the name of God. A lot of people blame God or Christ for the things that some-called Christians do, but they're wrong. People who claim to be Christian and go out and hate and murder and the like know less about Christ and the Bible than a tree stump. Christ said 'Love your enemies,' not 'Love to kill them', and 'Love your neighbor', but some people don't listen (I'm not referring to the current wars one way or the other) All sorts of crimes have been commited, from pedophile priests to the old practice of castrating young boys to keep their voices stable and high for church choirs (A violation of God's laws, I might add, not to mention a monstrous crime against humanity itself) These things are a slap in the face to those who honestly try to serve God, and to God himself. Many so called Christians don't even care about the Gospel, they preach their own political or social views, like that Rev. Wright. If Christianity had just stuck to the Bible instead of adding politics, philosophy and the arrogance of some, it would be a lot better world. Say what you like about Christianity, but it's not Christ's will any more than it is yours that some churches act so badly. I saw this expression some where, 'God, save us from your followers.' But they're not God's followers if the are acting against His will laid out in His Word. It's not just Christianity, of course, radical Islam, Hindus and their Caste bigotry, even mostly peacful religions like Buddhism have had their share in war, cruelty and atrocity. By the way, the Bible does not blame Satan for everything, it brings out we have free will and make our own choices. He doesn't make people sin. Galations 6.7 says that we reap what we sow, not that we reap what Satan sows. We're imperfect, we sin on our own, Satan might put the forbidden fruit out there, but it's our choice whether or not we eat it. Satan is a great force of evil, but he's not responsible for everything. People might try to say 'The Devil made me do it,' but they did it themselves, they're just too cowardly to take responsibility for their actions. I have to agree with you on part of that, though, Salkaffar. People will blame Satan or God, their parents or even their genes to justify or excuse their own actions, like I said, that's cowardly and wrong. I don't know if there are any churches out there that do teach that Satan is responsible for what we do, but if there are, they're wrong. Another idea that's popular that I disagree strongly with is that God causes natural disasters, accidents, etc. When Katrina hit New Orleans, it wasn't God's wrath, like some fools said, it was the luck of the draw. When 9/11 happened, it wasn't vengeance for tolerating homosexuality, like that pinhead tv preacher said, and it wasn't Satan, either. it was a bunch of sick lunatics who place no value on life. If someone's drinking and driving and gets in a crash that kills someone, do you take God to court? No, you take the drunk to court, because they're responsible for their own actions, not God and not Satan. Was it God's fault New Orleans was built on a swamp and is sinking like a stone? Was it God's fault that Bin Laden hates everyone who's not the same kind of lunatic radical he is? Some things just happen, sometimes they could have been prevented if people had done things differently, sometimes there's nothing you could have done, but it's not God's fault.
  9. Moar One Piece I like the Asian themed ones , there's one of them as Samurai, but I haven't been able to find it yet.
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