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  1. If he's just taking a breather then I can't be mad at him. Just hope he hasn't forgotten about the fans even though Guyver isn't the smash hit other mainstream manga are.
  2. Just caught up on the latest books. Can't believe it went on hiatus in the middle of a battle! Glad I got to catch up though. Really hope it finishes eventually. At the end of the chapter there was an interview with the creator in which he expressed his need to finish it up. I hope he was sincere and is taking the time to get it done and just release it after. Gonna be on my deathbed waiting for that last chapter.
  3. Here's the link for the access area, just post on book 32 thread. http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/130-access-request-area/ requires hard copy of the Japanese books. You can look on the thread for other examples. Post a picture of the book you own and want the english translation access to with a note card or piece of paper with your screen name on it to prove you didn't grab a photo off the internet. May take awhile. I posted my request a couple weeks ago and haven't yet gotten access but be patient.
  4. Finished Resident Evil 2 Remake and had a ton of fun. Now I'm playing DMC5 and very much enjoying it. Capcom is on fire this year.
  5. I'm such a sucker for that 80's and 90's anime aesthetic. Back when there wasn't much anime available and you had to order from a catalogue. I was lucky that the local Blockbuster had the first 2 US renditions OVA's with the 3rd one to follow not long after that. It was years before I even knew about the other OVAs to follow. Guyver was always the slow burn series for me so I'm used to waiting long periods of time for more. I really do hope it finishes eventually and that more people find out about it.
  6. Yeah I know some feel like it'll never end up getting finished. I wish the series was more well known and popular, I think then it would have been much more prolific with chapters. Guess we'll see. On the plus side for me my books came the other day. Just waiting for access to be granted now and look forward to catching up!
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys! I appreciate it and my copies of the volumes are arriving tomorrow! Excited to get access shortly after. Hope the hiatus ends and we get new chapters in the near future. I need to know what happens!
  8. Nevermind I found the access threads. I'll wait until the books come in and then request access at that time. Thanks
  9. Hi, New to the forum. Just curious if it's still possible to get the scanlations for the latest 3 volumes if I purchase the physical books and can prove that I own them. I ordered them today and just want to get caught up on the 3 volumes that aren't available anywhere in english. Thanks so much!
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