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  1. Hey they way its looking now the ship might not make it at all. I wonder if the ships are semi-sentiant if it would merge with a guyver to save itself I mean even damaged it must be able to sense some of the battle going on outside of it.
  2. Archaos

    Guyver DVD's

    Hey if you order from play.usa even from the uk you get your DVD's earlier than usual, I got my volume four in April apposed to may and I'm in the uk. So if you order from play you can get your official dvd's earlier.
  3. Okay I would like to clear up a few things about the nova guyvers, exactly how many units are there, this is what I think is correcft so far. Nova Blaze Nova Storm Nova Starfire Black Nova II Dark Nova Chronos Nova Guyver Overlord Nove Guyver Kazvar Nova Units Unactivated nova units
  4. Well I do love the rabid idea, theres never been a zombie type guyver before. Also the tougues a interesting.
  5. In reply to have not having voted my own character Bain, I always vote for the best of my competetors, congradulations Rabid and Apophis for getting so many votes. Heres a test idea I did'nt have time to do: Lynx-Ta A member of XT's race captured and bonded with a Assasin Mark II model enhanced with the dark relic modifications, further enhanced with Lycanlord DNA. The only warrior to defeat Anudis and W'Kar is XT, this is judt an idea formed on the fact anubis would want an advesary to fight an XT type if it ever turned up.
  6. I thought Warrior Guyver Vamore was more like. Vamore 5 men x Warrior Guyver 400 men = Warrior Guyver Vamore 2000 men or 20x a guyver.
  7. Just an observation, but are Chronos not starting to get a bit top heavy with warriors they cannot totally control. I mean there are now about four very high powered Guyver Zoanoids that if they wanted could defect. 1. Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. Power 40x 2. Warrior Guyver Vamore. Power 20x 3. Warrior Guyver Type 2 Mark II Thancrus. Unknown 4. Nova Guyver Overlord. Power Unknown 5. Unknown Guyver Zoanoid(Possibly Darzerb). Power Unknown If any one of those five defected they could cause Chronos major problems. Also are Chronos getting all of these Guyver Zoanoids to balance up the scales with all the anti Chronos groups ?, I think if you add up all of the warriors on each side over the level of 10x Chronos are definitely the strongest and I haven’t even mentioned Warrior Alkanphel yet who could be stronger still.
  8. Okay so that the Warrior Units but what about the muliple Matrix that are floating around. 1. The Matrix that is bonded to Dreadnaught. 2. The Matrix Dreadnaught returned from the Strange World fic with. 3. The Matris that W'Kar has from WG2's dimension. 4. The damaged Matrix, most of it is with the ACTF the rest is bonding with Natasha in Australlia. About the fourth one, is it possible for a Matrix to repair itself fully on it's own ?.
  9. Sorry I might have missed this but where is the Control Medal and the Hyperspace Orb. Is it like Malice and hidden out of the way. Sorry mixed up Yaksha and Ereshkigal
  10. Lost (and what I'm willing to name): Solom Type Warrior Unit - G2: Unknown Solom Type Warrior Unit - G3: Unknown I'm gonna bet one of these is the one menntioned in Africa killing the zoanoids at the creator test site. You know the one with the tri faced control medal.
  11. What do you think would happen if one of the Warrior Guyvers merged with the Warrior Acecear unit, I mean the same kind of way the Giant Acecear type did with Warrior Guyver C. It should be quite powerful as the Giant unit would most likely weaker than the warrior acecear.
  12. Would love to see good old Alky back.
  13. I'm just trying to find out how many Warrior type units there are out there, this is what I've got. In action. Dreadnaught aka Warrior Guyver 1 Zeus aka Warrior Guyver 3 Ulimus aka Warrior Guyver C Guardian Warrior Guyver 2 Warrior Guyver 4 Warrior Guyver 5 Eliminator Warrior Guyver Vamore Warrior Acecear Valkyrie aka Female Warrior Guyver Unactivated or Unknown. A Prototype Warrior Unit Damaged unit in the War Relic Two Warrior Type 2 Mark II Units Apocathry Mark II Did I miss any. Sorry forgot the Prototypes. Though none are true Warrior Units. Solom type Warrior Unit G-1 Life-Force Guyver Battle Guyver Turbo Guyver Shadow Guyver
  14. Done, unfortunatly the picture is not ready yet.
  15. Subject: Matrix Born Lycanlord enhanced Jy-Taki mutation formed Ororbourus Code Name: Bane Host Name: Unknown Sex: Unknown Hair: Unknown / Eyes: Unknown Age: Creature was created five years ago. Race: Unknown Height: 381cm (~12.5 feet). Weight: 1000kg (~2205 lbs). Previous Status: Loyal Advent warriors. Current Status: First Spy Class . Description: Subject is the final result of an experiment conducted by General Zagam to find out what sort of effect putting current Advent warriors through the Lynchlord process would result. Present estimates of this Subject’s powers have been formulated and summarized below. Control Crystal -Due to the abnormal way in which this crystal was formed instead of becoming one crystal the twelve Jy-Taki crystals formed twin crystals one slave and the other master. The slave crystal is the one present in normal space that allows for all regular functions, the master crystal exists permanently in hyperspace drawing energy through to the slave Power Source -Subjects slave control crystal draws power from it’s master crystal located in hyperspace which allows Subject to draw upon the endless power of hyperspace with his own variation of a HSL system. Zagam’s attempt at creating an HSL that could be adapted to the Jy-Taki has resulted in the Subject being able to adjust the amount of power he draws from hyperspace creating the first VHSL (Variable Hyperspace Link). Physical Strength -Subject has a most unusual type of muscle structure that allows him to generate maximum strength from muscle mass, thus allowing him to be extremely strong while appearing to have little muscle mass. Despite a frail appearance the subjects strength level is that of 3000 men easily allowing him to compete one on one with most enemy warriors. Speed -Subjects speed is Running = 0-10,000 MPH and Flying = 0-50,000 MPH, the Subject can also move at faster than light speed and reflex speed borders on precognitive at about 5000x normal. Hyper Senses -Subjects hyper senses have 100x the range and power of a standard Guyvers, it’s other senses smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight are ultra enhanced. Gravitational Powers -The Subject has twice the power and control over it’s gravitational powers than an Ororbourus. Defensive Systems Durability -Durability is greatly enhanced due to nature of the armor itself which emits an energy dampening field at all times allowing the subject to survive up to 3x a Gigantic Guyvers full double Hypersmash unshielded. Rate of regeneration for this subject is 250x that of a standard Guyver in standard space, when in hyperspace this is multiplied tenfold to 2500x a standard Guyver. Shielding allows the Subject to survive an attack 100x greater that a Guyvers full powered megasmasher, it can also bend space deflecting enemy attacks away. Doppelganger -The Subject can make its armor appear as anything it wants in a W’Kar type function, an added bonus to this is that the Subject can also mimic another life forms unique life signal. Density Manipulation -Subject can change it’s density at will, allowing it to merge with it’s mist ability and disappear of to become as hard as diamond increasing durability 10 fold.. Weapon Systems Gravity Attack -Dimension Destroyer. Subject can focus and create two types of gravity attack, the Black Hole attack and the White Hole attack, by merging these two attacks the Subject can create an attack that can rip and destroy space itself. Nothing has survived this attack and no reading has yet been made, it may be impossible due to the nature of this attack. Also this attack destroys normal space and hyperspace, making it deadly to even W’Kar or Warrior units. Vibrational Blades -Subjects armor is composed of a material similar to ploymorphic vibration blades that allows him to block an attack from any type of vibration blade using almost any part of his body and by infusing his body with energy he can also deflect plasma blade’s and bio-blades up to the level of a W’Kar reproduction’s, the armor itself can be formed into many shapes and sizes and due to this Subject can reform parts of his armour into blades or whip’s at will. Mega Smasher -Lance Blast Beam. Subjects Mega Smasher is not designed for mass destruction but for destroying a single target, it is based on the principle that an opponents shield can handle a large powerful attack spread out across its but an attack that is much smaller and more condensed can pierce the shield at one point allowing Subject to directly attack control medals and other such vital points. The attack is a singular beam that is 3 foot in diameter it emanates from the large crystal in the chest cavity. The beam fires at a power rate of 60x-120x a Guyver’s mega Smasher, the reason for this is that instead of spreading out when fired the beam is condensed for maximum power. This allows Subject to fire a beam faster, more powerfully for much longer and from a greater distance, meaning that an attack could be fired from miles of and kill instantly, making Subject a deadly sharp shooter. Cellular Blast - Subject has the ability to inject trace amounts of it’s own bio material into an enemy that can be detonated at will, this can cause large amounts of damage to an enemy target due to the fact that the resulting explosion is internal and not restricted by shielding. The power of this attack depends on the amount of bio material injected into the target making it difficult to determine the power of the attack, the range so far seen is 10 to 20 kiloton explosion. Ultimate Attack -Cellular Meltdown. The subject’s ultimate attack is an extension of it’s Cellular Blast ability, by saturating its cells with energy and then detonating its entire body mass the subject can create a massive explosion, the strength of this attack has been registered at 50 megaton explosion. Although doing this destroys the slave control crystal the subject’s master crystal can regenerate the slave crystal in hyperspace, however this causes the subject’s to regeneration rate to fall drastically to 2.5x a Guyver’s until a new slave crystal can be created in hyper space. Mist -The subject has shown a most remarkable ability to produce a mist like substance from crystals on it’s body that seems to have some amazing properties. First the mist can act as part of the subjects shielding by draining and deflecting and absorbing energy from an enemies attack. Second it seriously effects all sorts of sensory devices from hypersences to telekinetic awareness. Third it enhances the subjects attack powers, for example it can analyse shielding energy and attune the subjects weapons frequency allowing them to cut through the shields as if they weren’t there. If the mist comes in contact with a low powered unshielded being(Jy-Taki level and below) it will eat it alive, anything above this level and the mist will slowly gather to it and drastically slow it down. Additional Notes Bio Energy Doubler -It is unknown if Subject is equipped with this powerful ability although if he is capable of using it all present estimates of power and other abilities should be considered doubled and stamina should be considered halved. Mode Switch -In its original design an Ororbourus is capable of transforming into a second form called assassin mode, it is quite possible the Subject could have the capability to shift into another mode. This is all conjecture as of yet but surmising that Subjects current form is built for stealth and one on one fighting, like the Ororbourus he would switch into something quite the opposite, perhaps mass destruction and all out attack. Other Abilities -As to other Ororbourus abilities like weather control and telekinesis the subject has not shown them but it is quite possible that it can use them. Back Story -Present Citadel of Pain. Sitting upon a massive throne is the God of Death Anubis, his long red hair is like blood flowing down the sides of his body to form a pool at his feet, his mouth twisted into a terrifying smile that does not reach his eyes, those eyes, eyes that see through souls, eyes that watch as the universe drowns in blood and eyes that are now staring down at a monster. A lesser being would be terrified and yet this creature looked directly into its masters eyes. Anubis laughs “Who would have thought the test would turn out like this, I had thought to give you to my daughter as a plaything but I don’t think that duty would quite do your abilities justice”. The being kneeling before Anubis made no indication that it had heard the God speaking. “Answer our lord when he speaks you brain dead moron” Ereshkigal screams. Still the being remains motionless, making not one movement, not even the faintest sign of life did it show, it was like a statue. “Settle down Ereshkigal, it is not being disobedient , it is merely waiting”. “Waiting my lord ?, what do you mean”. “It was ordered to kneel before me and thus it kneels still”. Anubis stands and looks around his throne room, gathered around him are the most deadly warriors in this dimension, his elite all present with the exception of the Lynchlord King. “Zagam what is the status on Baphomet ?”. The assassin general of the Order steps forward and bows. “He is recovering my lord, we have managed to remove the last of the infected tissue and he should be back to normal in a day”. “Very good, now would someone like to explain exactly what happened at the test site and it had better be good”. Five hours Ago Test Area. Zagam stands before the twelve successful experiments, they are all mutations freak effects that were all that was left of over a thousand Jy-Taki put through the lynchlord process. A year ago Anubis had captured one of the plants used for creating Advent warriors and Ships. Within it were a few thousand unborn Jy-Taki and ten Orobouras held in stasis. Zagam had been tasked with merging the Advents technology with the Orders, it had not been an easy process, none of the Orobouras had survived and now the twelve successful Jy-Taki were to fight to the death and the winner was to be given the great honour of guarding lady Alexandria. It had upset Zagum that none of the Ororbouras had survived at first but he realized that the Lynchlord process was extremely hard on the beings put through it, with humans a thousand could fail for every one success, the Jy-Taki being similar to humans in that the were all individuals had only produced twelve successes out of a thousand so the fact that the Ororbourus failed should hardly have been surprising. As they were made from eight Jy-Taki, they were a composite of the most powerful attributes of each individual and it would require eight Jy-Taki that could have survived the process to allow an Ororbourus to survive. Zagam sighed, his first chance at using his abilities outside of fighting had been a total failure, what made it worse was that the survivor was to be given to Alexandria as a bodyguard and by bodyguard Anubis had meant plaything. “Ah Zagam, are these the ones ?”. Zagam turned, Alexandria was walking across the test area shadowed by Baphomet and Yaksha. Trying to mask his irritation Zagam replied “Yes Alexandria they are indeed, now if you would make your way to the observation deck….”. “Yes in a moment Zagam, first let me inspect them”, interrupted Alexandria walking past him to have a look at the kneeling warriors. Zagam growled. “Zagam how powerful are they ? And what sort of abilities do they have ?”, Yaksha asks politely. Zagam shakes his head, out of all the Orders top warriors Yaksha was the most sociable and as much as Zagam tried he could not dislike her. “They range in power from 8000 to 12000 in bio level and as to there abilities I had been planning on testing them however Lord Anubis in his infinite wisdom decided that as there was no way to mass produce them there was little point in testing them and instructed me to have them fight and give the survivor to Alexandria”. “I see, well they do look impressive”, Yaksha replied, turning she started to walk to the observation deck. “Yes let us get this over with” Zagam spat out. Two Hours Ago Test site. A single warrior stands, his body is battered and broken, he is barely able to stand, at his feet the last of his enemies body decomposes quickly at his feet, he turns to his creator observing from above and kneels awaiting his next command. On the observation deck there is an eerie silence. Yaksha breaks the silence “that was amazing Zagam, who would have guessed at what you could do with your powers, they were incredible”. “Yes indeed, they were rather formidable”, concurs Baphomet. Zagam stands rooted to the spot, they were so powerful and there abilities unique, what a waste of eleven truly unique creatures, Zagam wished he had activated his unit, although his human form was very perceptive he had been unable to follow most of the fighting and some of the abilities he had seen were amazing . Alexandria smirks “Yes they were rather and now I shall give him a nam……, what is that light ?”. They all turned, surrounding the surviving test unit a blinding light glowed. Zagam sensed it first “everyone get away !!!, it’s going to explode”. Using his abilities Zagam teleported them all twenty miles away. The explosion was intense, five mile around the test site was eviscerated by the initial explosion and there was a shock wave crushing everything in its path. Zagam, Baphomet and Yaksha had transformed. Yaksha was carrying Alexandria while Zagam and Baphomet were shielding them from the shock wave. Zagam “My God”. What is happening ? “The test subject exploded my God”. Is my daughter safe ? “Yes my God”. Have Yaksha return with my daughter, you and Baphomet will investigate what occurred and I will be with you shortly “Yes my God” Zagam turns to the others “You heard our lord !, Let us go”, with that he jets of to the test area. Ruined Test Area One Hour And Thirty Minutes Ago. Zagam stalks through the ruined test site, a strange mist surrounds the crater created by the explosion and for some reason his hyper senses are having a hard time penetrating it. “Zagam can you detect what’s below that mist” Baphomet Calls from the other side of the crater. “No for some reason that mist is interfering”. “What do you want me to do ?”. “Stand back, I will disperse the mist”. Zagam turns his back to the crater and fires his back thrusters, the mist slowly clears and after a few minutes is gone, leaving an empty crater. Baphomet steps forward “Totally annihilated, what a mess”. “Yes and a waste all for that stupid child”. Zagam and Baphomet walk away to see if any of the labs below the test site survived. The sound of gravel moving comes from the crater, Zagam stop dead and spins round and watches a shape rising from the crater. Baphomet also turns and swears as he notices the new being as well. It’s hard to get a reading on the creature that has appeared, a strange kind of mist seems to be emanating from it disrupting hyper senses, eyes and even sound. The creature moves at ultra high speed that is masked by the impenetrable mist. Zagam tries to get a lock on it with his hyper senses but is unable to, “ Baphomet can you see where it went”. “No this mist is to thick, I can hardly sense you”. “Okay you stay here I’ll go above the cloud and try disperse it”. With that Zagam teleports above the large cloud of mist and starts charging his power wave. Baphomet fly’s out of the mist so that Zagam may clear it away, suddenly his senses jerk, Alexandria is in the cloud. Baphomet franticly tries to contact Zagam but the mist is affecting his ability to communicate. “Bastard, I’ll need to protect her myself”, Baphomet growls to himself. Taking of into the mist at high speed he quickly finds the unconscious body of Alexandria, lifting her into his arms he tries to contact Zagam again, “Zagam I have Alexandria do not attack we are inside the mist”. “What are you talking about, I can sense Alexandria over ten miles away”. Baphomet grunts with pain, he looks down, Alexandria’s arm is embedded in his side with a strange sort of blade type weapon is sticking out of his back. “What is this”, Alexandria pulls her arm free leaving a large chunk of it still embedded in his side and jumps back quickly. Baphomet watches as the illusion fades and he is standing in front of a twelve foot tall white and red Ororbourus like being. Roaring in pain he charges it, without moving the creatures crystal’s glows and the area flashes white. Zagam is knocked from the sky by the sudden shockwave, regaining his feet he searched wildly for Baphomet, still unable to Pearce the mist Zagam uses his thrusters again and moves the mist only slightly. “I cannot attack with Baphomet in there, he could be killed”. Then he sees it Baphomets badly damaged body writhing in the dirt unable to move, Zagam scans him, his joints are held fast by some sort of alien bio material. Zagam moves to help him when he pick’s up a large energy reading, the mist seems to clear all at once and a strange being a mile away floats above the ground in the last stage of charging it’s strange one celled megasmasher. It’s to late Zagam watches helplessly as the beam fires…. A strange bubble in space appears deflecting the attack away from Baphomet. Anubis floats majestically to the ground standing in between the strange creature and his General. What is the meaning of this ? Zagam bows “This being has appeared and almost killed Baphomet my lord”. Anubis points to the creature and his control medal glows and he starts to laugh. Yes this will do quite nicely, Bow to me my Demon. The creature drops to one knee. Present Citadel of Pain. Anubis laughs “Yes you will do nicely” Bane of existence.
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