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  1. Syn vs Bio-Titan, an idea I've been thinking about for some time. You may just get it.
  2. Hey Guys, Man a lot of things have been going on with me and such. I've been thinking about a lot of things and my fics and so I hope to start back up. I'm going to try and get with the others and see how they are doing and what they are planning.
  3. There may be a sneak preview coming soon.
  4. Hey Guys and Ladies, Well I've been working on my fics. I'm just focused on the rewrites right now. I do apologize for the slowness, but right now, with some of us doing re-writes. We are trying to make sure that they tie in to what we are trying to do. I know right now I'm bringing in more then I had before, and trying to make sure I tie things up well. There are going to be some changes to my fics and characters. Though hopefully I can get some redraws for both Nova Blaze and Starfire, though I don't see that happening for some time now. But I will try to describe their units in the fics.
  5. *chuckles* Hmmmmm........... *thinks about it*
  6. Well the whole concept of the Nova Guyver was to see if it was possible to incorporate the power of a star into a Guyver. Now as for the twins, yes their abilities are a direct opposite of Black Nova. Where as Black Nova's powers are more gravity base and incoporates the destructive power of a black hole. Well with the re-writes, you are going t see some changes, but also in some of the more current fics you will notice quite a bit. Now the change that the Nova Twins will have....You got to wait and see. I really don't want to put to much out right now, because with the rewrites I"m going to
  7. No we didn't get a data file for him. But I don't know what we are doing as of yet but a pic and datafile are in order for him. I think once I get the re-writes and such done up.
  8. Well Nova Flares unit was just the close range type and is pretty standard for a prototype Nova Unit so he wouldn't have the change that the twins are going to have.
  9. Well here is somethings I've been thinking about. I'm going to have to get back in touch with James. But with me doing the re-writing of my first fics will add more depth to my stories and characters. I'm going to make it a bit more dark. Though per a lot of request, there will be some things told about the twins parents and them, themselves. The Vampire Zoalords will be more together after a few plots and more mysterious which Chronos and Alkenphal will worry about. Syn will be getting a nice upgrade. I will be trying to keep Nova Units within my character groups, and maybe, a secrect unit.
  10. I know this is a bit late but, the change will be more noticiable in upcoming stories. I'm about ready to start writing. I'm going to post up a few things in the coming weeks. But I got to talk with the others before doing so. But I wanted to let you all know that, I"M BACK!!!!!!!!
  11. I know I've been away for some time, but I plan on getting back into the swing of things. Just had life to deal with. Also I had writers block, so many new ideas and such to go through that I had to get away for a bit. But thanks for the support, I will start writing again.
  12. Hello, This is a bit new seeing as I don't get many questions about my fic. Archaos is correct, or in a way almost correct. There may be a Overlord Nova soon. Re read The Rising, it will give you some hints. Well I do have a question for people out there. What do you all think of me doing a redo of the first set of stories and tieing them closer to each other.
  13. He's 3yrs old and we are about to have another one on the way.
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