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Which Horror Movie Slasher Are You? Quiz

Alien Reiblood

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You are Leatherface. Family is extremely important to you and y'all stick together no matter what. You enjoy being at home and cooking a good meal, but also like to get out now and then for an adventure. Nothing beats a summer BBQ and if you need some more meat for the grill, you have no problem whipping out your trusty chainsaw.

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"You are Pinhead. You are often curious about life and enjoy tapping into your spiritual side. You also enjoy things that are of dark and mysterious nature. You have a few good friends that are always there by your side. You don't mind sticking up for yourself and your friends, even if it means having to peel off an enemy's skin with a rusty hook in the process."



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Freddy Krueger
You are Freddy Krueger. You are the life of the party. You like to laugh and have fun, even though you have a dark side and can be self-conscious at times. But you overlook that to be with friends and enjoy every minute possible. And so what if you sometimes have the urge to stab others with long sharp knives. That's normal right?
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