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16th Rider Series - Kamen Rider Drive


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It's not Gaim, OOO or Faiz but Drive has turned into one of my favorite Rider series in all honesty, I love the rider/detective parallels and the relationship between Shinouske and his team, Chase feels like a showa rider and is badass as a mentor figure, don't have much of an interest in Gou/Mach and most importantly this series has tackled and adapted something that other rider series that I have watched that have not done and that is the responsibility and significance of a rider, also the bond between him and his vehicle, it's only downfall is its villains, they really not that interesting to me, Heart was getting somewhere but he got benched mid season, this series is more about the hero and I'm ok with that, Drive is a very likable Rider and caries the series by himself and his suit designs are 50/50 (love types wild, speed, and the newest one which I will not spoil but dislike Technique and Formula) overall it is a decent series and worth the try despite still not being done yet, here is hoping the next rider series can do something interesting as well.

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