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Toku Warrior

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As it states, this is a section entirely devoted to wallpapers for Metal Heroes, Ultraman, Godzilla, and other Asian toku series that aren't just made in Japan. Please make sure that no offensive and/or pornographic images are posted here. No Kamen Rider or Super Sentai/Power Rangers images are to be placed in this WP section. they have their own section for that already.

I'll will begin uploading images soon but everyone else may do so.

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Ok, this is the first new set of wallpapers in this section for 2013.  Now, as some of U know, my old computer crashed which help my PS ver.7.  So, when I got my new laptop, it came with PS Elements 10.  As Ryuki warned me, it's not as great as the PS that I'm used to but some of the stuff is pretty similar to PS 7.


Now, I've been out of the graphic arc creation for a while since my last computer crashed so this is something I mostly slapped together out of boredom cuz I was watching the movie to it and the new series for the other one.  Hopefully, you all like them.


Note, due to my laptop's screen size, the images are all in 1600 x 900.



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