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WG-Fan-Fiction website and Fic update Tread


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Ok it has been a hard few years on the fiction. 

1st - The website needed modernization and past plans had gone to shite due to tech moving on. Good news here is for the most part this is done. The heavy lifting is out of the way and the website is fully running. 

2nd - Matt, Paul and I meet roughly every second weekend. We always discuss the website even if it doesn't look that way. We've come to the realisation over time that the fan-fic and what has been said... done etc story wise simply doesn't work. In a strange way Takaya stopping the Guyver story at first fecked us over as we didn't want to go on without the master. But over the last few years 2020 especially has made us realise it is time to move on without him. So we've our plans for how the fan-fic is going to go.. events will take shape that basically change thing so they work for us... not going into heavy spoilers here but it will make sense certain events when you read them if you take the above into consideration. 

3rd. We've never explained how organisations like the ACTF came into existence... it's just there somehow... Or how does Fulton Balcus (the Zoalord from the first live action movie) really fit into the comic universe... He doesn't but in our fan-fiction he does. So that is another thing that needs to be explained. 

Sooooo what does this mean for you guys / gals who read the story:

1) the fiction is effectively been restarted. the 1st story will focus on the life of Fulton Balcus up to and before Union of the Guyvers. A new timeline will go up later to explain things. 

2) there will be some new stories based on events never told before within the fic. e.g. how was the Turbo Unit discovered? Where did Alkanphel find his unit? How did General Carter become the leader of the ACTF? How does Guyver 2F fit into the story?

3) We an't dead... :wg:g1:g2:g3:g0:ap:mu!

4) Fan voted characters will be in the fiction from pre Union of the Guyvers story wise.. All appearing in the new first story which will span 5 parts. 

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