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I would like to see some posting here.

What if:

1. Guyver 1, Guyver 2, and Guyver 3 are all Warrior Guyvers? How would that affect anything?

2. Only Guyver 1 was a Warrior Guyver.

3. Only Guyver 3 was a Warrior Guyver.

Let's assume only the Type 1. How would that affect the timeline?

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Been awhile since I did anything guyver related, bout time i got back into the swing of things:

If all 3 were WGs, I don't think Chronos would achieve their goals as quickly as they did with them being normal guyvers, also i think because of their powers the zoalords would be more at the forefront in order to deal with this new threat as most all of the zoanoids would be ineffective. WG2 would probably see more action in stopping their attacks especially if he was undamaged. He'd be the one thing that could slow down either WG3 or 1, unless they were to team up then we'd see the zoalords back him up. We'd probably see Alkanphel awaken earlier in response to this and his plans accelerated. In fact they might be forced to leave Japan alone for now and possibly trick the guyvers into believing they were defeated and consolidate power and more advanced zoaforms later to deal with them.

With only WG3 he'd probably step up his plans a lot quicker because of his power and probably deal heavier blows to Chronos. He'd probably still manipulate sho into siding with him or kill him outright to keep him out of his way. He'd probably do the same with guyver 2.

Guyver 1 would probably have the power now to stop any threats coming his way. He might take the same road and attack chronos more viciously because of his unstoppable power.

Doubt the timeline would have changed because Jason would be the one destined to travel back in time to stop the zoalord. It didn't matter who is a WG just who is the ONE that mattered.

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Just bump this up.

Commander Guyot would have a severe issue with either WG1 or WG3 simply put because they are Type 1s and have the gravity shield.

On the flip side, if WG2 allowed his medal to fix itself and not fight WG1, he would be an asset to Chronos however he would be stalemated against either WG1 and WG3 because of his gravity shield.

Hell you could assume that Relic in Relic's Point is a War Relic. The zoalords blow up the Relic again (or try to as this would be a more powerful Relic), WG1 could form a Warrior Gigantic. He could be a male version of Valkryie. Basically a more unkillable version of the Gigantic.

Enzymes would be useless too initially.

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