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The Bio Energy Doubler


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This device gave the Jytaki and Fighter Guyver the ability to drastically increase their bio levels for a limited amount of time but give them a distinct edge over the enemy during said time, this very same technology is being offered to Kronos by two of the last three Advents in existence in the ongoing Anubis Saga, among other advanced tech which could conceivably better the AAR's odds of survival at this critical point in the game.

Question is, given the Lycanlord's ability to apparently dampen the bio energy doubler's effect in Jytaki, would this technology be of any use to Albass and her forces? I mean, could she adapt said technology to herself, her Zoalords/Zoagods, the guyvers, or some new creation and make it work for them or would it be ultimately useless against the Lycans?

Lets see, the Lycanlord datafile reads...."-JY-TAKI DAMPENING FIELD: -Our lord has developed a great means in which to nullify the threat of the Jy-taki. A dampening field is produced by the Lycanlords that greatly decreases their ability to shield themselves by draining their shields and adding it to the cellular shields of our lords beasts. This field also causes havoc amongst the control systems of the Jy-taki, helping to stunt their ability to merge into the powerful Orobouras that threaten our Lieutenants and Generals. Our lord is said to be expanding upon this in anticipation for the great diaspora into other universes where we will bring our faith to others."

Sounds like if the AAR were to adapt any of the advents tech into their troops they'd need to find a way of nullifying this rather worrisome effect or blocking it.

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Key phrase here is control system. The Lycanlords may cause havoc with their control systems which may include the ability to safely use the BED. I doubt for example Fighter Guyver having this issue because his shields and control system is the same as a JyTaki.

The BED is basically a system or ability where they for e energy into their body to accept two or three times the energy but their energy reserves are used up more quickly than they can replenish. Similar to Dreadnought's Power Boost. The beings in GWotG on average especially the more advanced ones can handle higher energy loads than normal without burning themselves out.

Also you have to remember that the lowest beings we have seen with this system is Guardian and the JyTaki. Pity that the AAR don't have access to the Warrior Mk2 units.

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