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Spider-Man 2


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um, the bio web shooting and finger spikes are not new. This is taken from Spiderman 2099. I used to love that comic, and was going to buy a freind's collection until he lost it all in storage.

For the guy in 2099, everything was genetic. His suit was a Mexican Halloween costume. He didn't activly try to become the new spiderman, it was the followers of Thor that prophesised his return. The writers were great, they tried to make everything 'plausible', I love how they borrowed a little from this

I liked Spiderman 2099's spikes on his hands. They were large enough to slash open a cop's throat! :twisted:

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By Marvels own admission the 2099 series comics were pretty much an attempt at a perminent elseworld/what if version of the Marvel universe but it failed. Yes the 2099 Spiderman had organic webbing but so did venom. Neither of which is the version of Spiderman I was refering to in my previous posts. Besides 2099 Spiderman shot his webbing from atop his wrist, not below like traditional Spiderman.

Btw guyverfanatic, those weren't spikes, just like the movie spiderman those were hairs he used for clinging to surfaces. They just happen to be long and sharp enough to also use as claws and tough enough to tear through even metal. Normally always exposed he had to consciously retract them to avoid tearing apart everything he touched. Additionally the 2099 Spiderman had infrared vision and enhanced senses instead of Spider sense. The costume was made of unstable molecules, basic marvel near indestructable costume that was invented by Richard's of Fantastic Four. This allowed him to survive getting pummeled by bullets though it took awhile for him to heal from the internal bleeding caused by the impacts. The stuff that looks like webbing around the costume allows him to catch and glide on air currents.

He also wasn't bitten by a spider, rather he was a honest scientist working for a dishonest company so they tried to get him addicted to this DNA based super drug. He tried to cure himself with a DNA machine to filter out the Drug DNA but they sabotaged it with DNA from a Spider instead of his own thinking it would kill him, instead they got Spiderman 2099.

But like I said before, Marvel changes their characters with every encarnation. Just look how each cartoon series differs from the last and you'll wonder if any of the writers had ever actually read the comic.

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