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  1. Yeah, just saw the trailer.  Everyone seems to be very hyped about Terry Mcginnis.   I did notice that the Flash is missing.  I haven't actually read the whole Crisis on Infinite Earth (since I can't find a copy and couldn't be bothered to look for it), but I do know the gist of it and the Flash is central to the story and heavily influences his own origin.

    I actually saw the first part and it's a bit underwhelming for me.  There were some touching moments, but overall, I still feel something missing.

  2. Well I do think that for casual drivers, automatic would be the preferred choice of the majority.  But for motorsports enthusiasts, I would guess they would prefer to drive Manual.  There is just this satisfying feeling of control on how you rev the engine.  Especially for racing drivers, they need a certain amount of precision in gear ratio to exact accurate control of the speed especially when turning corners.  I'm very sure that it's very difficult to drift using an automatic transmission.

  3. From where I come from, this question is rather strange, as I grew up in a place where manual transmission is a standard, and automatic transmission are more geared towards luxury vehicles.  I learned to drive using stick shift, and have been driving so almost half my life.  Of course right now I drive a CVT because of issues with my knee.  Not to mention this is a godsend during hour long traffic jams.  There are less vehicles coming out now with manual transmission.  So, I was wondering, in your part of the world, what type of transmission are most commonly used?  And what would be your preference?

  4. Nice collection!  Good to see another fellow who appreciates Lamborghini.  I myself is an Aventador enthusiast.  Though the real one eludes me still, as I don't see myself spending $300K for it any time soon.

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  5. I'm actually very guilty of necroposting.  If the information posted is relevant and would spark new discussion, I don't think it's a bad thing.  There's a balance between reviving an old topic or creating a new duplicate one.  So it's up to the administrator to determine how rigid they should enforce the policies.  For one thing, I don't think I've ever seen any forum policies posted in these parts, which I also don't think is necessary at the moment as we've been conducting discussions and observing the common courtesy.

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  6. I just got into Mushoku Tensei, Jobless Reincarnation.  Loved it so much that I've read the manga, and the Light novel is currently sitting on my tablet.  Just Finish SAO vol 26, and now just Finishing vol 7 of the World's Finest Assassin before I can proceed with the Mushoku Tensei Light Novel.

    Mushoku Tensei has a very deep lore and I found out that the anime skips a lot of details so I went ahead and read the Manga.  They really do skip a lot of details, so I'm wondering how they will treat some of the skipped content when these becomes relevant in future episodes.

  7. Just saw this the other day.  Well, it's as GotG as GotG can get.  Nice end for the movie and wondering if it will lead to anywhere since James Gunn is now heading DC studios.  I also noticed that Nathan Fillion's appearance in many of James Gunn's film.  I just wish we had seen more of the Original Guardians of the Galaxy (Vance Astro, Martinex, etc..)

  8. Well, the results I got is a little more palatable:


    In a final, climactic battle between Guyver and the sinister Chronos organization, Sho Fukamachi (Guyver) faces off against the powerful Zoalord leader, Archanfel. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the two mighty beings clash with unimaginable power.

    Throughout the fight, Sho's determination and growth as the Guyver have been evident. With the support of his allies, he manages to hold his ground against Archanfel, who is desperate to exert his control over all of humanity.

    As the battle intensifies, Sho taps into the full potential of the Guyver Unit, reaching a level of power previously unseen. He unveils new abilities and tactics, surprising even Archanfel. With every punch and blast, Sho fights not just for his survival but for the freedom and future of Earth.

    In a shocking turn of events, it is revealed that Archanfel is not the true mastermind behind Chronos' sinister plans. There is a hidden force manipulating events from the shadows, using Chronos as a mere pawn in a much grander scheme.

    With this revelation, Sho realizes that the true enemy lies beyond Archanfel and Chronos. He sets his sights on confronting this hidden antagonist, who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    In a thrilling final showdown, Sho faces the true mastermind, a being of immense power and malevolence. The battle tests every ounce of Sho's strength, determination, and spirit. Yet, with the support of his friends and allies, Sho finds the strength to overcome even this ultimate challenge.

    In the end, Sho emerges victorious, defeating the true mastermind and breaking the control that has plagued humanity for so long. With the threat of Chronos and its manipulators gone, peace slowly returns to the world.

    However, the fight has taken its toll on Sho, and the Guyver Unit is heavily damaged. Recognizing the immense danger that the Unit poses, Sho makes the difficult decision to relinquish its power. He entrusts the damaged Guyver Unit to a secret organization that promises to keep it safe and out of the wrong hands.

    Having saved the world and earned his freedom, Sho decides to lead a peaceful life, cherishing the memories of his heroic days as the Guyver. He remains vigilant, knowing that new threats may arise in the future, but he embraces a newfound sense of hope for humanity's future.

    The manga ends with Sho Fukamachi, no longer the Guyver, walking into the sunset, leaving behind a legacy of bravery and heroism that will be remembered throughout history.

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  9. I just saw this the other night.  It was alright, I guess.  No annoying humans or transformers.  Unicron was a let down.  Or maybe I was too influenced by the voice of Orson Wells.  Then again, so much material was wasted.  Also just found out that Pete Davidison did the voice of Mirage.  So I guess that explains a lot.  So Hasbro-verse?  A post credit scene that would probably lead to nowhere.

  10. 20 hours ago, guyverfan said:




    Looks like a message from Takaya.  It's a little blurry for me to make out but it says something like after the serialization way back in 85, he always wanted to release a book about his Guyver Illustration from a long time ago .  And mentions something about comics cover, foldout pinup, various jackets, figrure package and etc.  Message was made last June 2023.

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  11. Ok, I'm bored and I was thinking of continuing to translate this.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to backup the pages to my NAS so I currently have no access to the novel.  I'll have to check if the files are still in my old PC.  But just in case I don't, would anyone be a dear and point me to the right direction?

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  12. It's so cool that you were able to get those issues.  Do you have any Jim Lee during his Punisher stint?  My frustrations is that back issues are very hard to come by where I live.  And what is usually available are those issues with significant relevance (like first appearance, first cover, first etc.), which usually sell at an insane amount of money.

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  13. Well, season one is done.  There are slight differences from the game but they almost captured it 1:1.  That's ending A basically.  So all the feels is much later in the game.  Then again, the scene from the last episode hit me much harder in the game.  The ending seems to set up the events for later, but I'm wondering if this gets renewed for another season.  I'm also wondering if the next season will be on 9S perspective (which I doubt since ending B is already the title for episode 1) or go straight to A2 perspective.

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