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  1. Thanks guys i'll try that as well. I also forgot to add Hyper Zoanoid team 5:
  2. Hi Guys!! It's been a long time since I've been to the forum; wish you all are doing good. I'm in the process of moving houses when i came across my collection gathering dust in the basement. I think its time i let go for someone who can appreciate it and would like to add to their collection. With the exception of two of the figures, all have remained in their boxes in pristine condition. I have two guyver III's, one is missing his breast plate and one is complete. Guyver II is missing one sword. Otherwise the collection is complete. I haven't posted it on any website yet, let me know if you're interested in any and i'll be glad to share. The two missing stuff i'll sell them for 50% off their market price. The others i'm willing to let them go for 30-40% their market price. I'd love to let them all go in a single sale and may even reduce further if any would like that. Also off topic i've got alot of other anime figures i'm selling if anyone is interested let me know! (Sorry for the quality i could'nt upload high rez pics) Guyver I, II, III, Aptom, Murakami, Guyver Gigantic: The Three Guyvers: Gyout: BFW Enzyme II & Test-Type:
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