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  1. Yea, I have, but then I have to go throigh selling one without that fist..
  2. Lol, that was supposed to say explaining thing.
  3. mrpsychopath, I sent you a message eclipsing things, but in case you missed it, I'm in the US. Please, if you can help, I will pay.
  4. Right, new figure it is. Thanks.
  5. But it's worth a shot. I somehow lost the right fist to my Aptom IV. I was cleaning, and I thought that I had all of the parts down off the shelf that he sits on, and away it rolled. I've looked EVERYWHERE I could possibly think of where it had gone to. Is there ANYONE there that might have a broken figure that they are willing to part out? Or am I just kind of screwed, and I have to buy a whole new figure for he part..
  6. Hey guys and gals. So I want so very much to read the manga for Guyver, however I have no idea where I can go to read it in English, or even if it's possible. Is there some where here that I can read it? Is there a good site to go for it? All and any help is thanked for in advance!
  7. Thanks. After typing out my last post, I had done some searching on ebay for the 2 packs. NOT CHEAP FOR WHAT THEY ARE! I hope that I canget my hands on those as time goes on, and the ranks of the Zoanoids on my collection are slim. Guess I should focus on getting the some where to be put before buying them, though, lol.
  8. oh I know it. I got Zx-tole, Guyver III, Muakami, and Aptom.... I forget which one it is, all for like $500... was NOT an easy thing to tell the wife to be.. Lol. Thanks though!!
  9. http://s275.photobucket.com/user/OMEGAPRIME1983/media/IMAG0143_zps9af92432.jpg.html'> I have more, but apparently those didn't transfer from my old computer, so I had to resort to this. This is the Image face 05 version which replaced my 01 version. My.. Murakami kind of kept toppling over and knocking it down, eventually shattering the right knee in it. Found this guy on one of my transformers boards for a great price . I'll take some more pics of the rest of my Guyver figures later on. By they way, where could I find the BFM figures?
  10. Hi all! First post for the forum. I just wanted to introduce myself, as I'm a fan of the series. I just had a quick question about this comment I quoted on When was there anything mentioned beyond Pluqstah and Immurakami?? I only got into the Max Factory line after it had seemed to of fallen off the grid. Also, what is this BFC-MAX line?? Is that the super articulated figures of the Guyvers, Aptom, Gyot, and Zxtole?? I had found in google images a set up with Zxtole and his lost numbers, but I'm not at all sure where the rest of the lost number had come from, because as far as I know, those weren't made, correct?? Anyway, I really hope that the Figma line does well enough to warrant them to go farther with it than the 6" figure line went. THANKS ALL!
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