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  1. The paint to me looks closer to what came with the 21st volume of the manga. I have have both of them and did an eyeball test with each next to the monitor and it looks like the blues are closer to that one
  2. Yeah my bet is that they'll be 4 or 5 inches. Maybe the Gigantics will be as big as the regular guyvers from the BFC line if we're lucky. I know I'll be buying one regardless just to support the cause. My dream is to get a Guyver 0 figma, because..well, yeah its my namesake on here and pretty much everywhere else so it's pretty easy to tell he's my favorite. The gigantics and G2F have a better chance of happening though I think. I'm just really happy that Max Factory still thinks the interest exists for these figures more than anything else.
  3. Hey all, I'm a really old member on these boards (so old my username doesn't exist anymore...) but I decided to rejoin up and post some awesome news, they've announced a Guyver figma! I hope no one else posted this yet (I couldn't see it at first glance). The mold looks really good to me, and I'll be getting it even though I have the BFC versions of Guyver 1. Here's to hoping they release the whole line, as I never had a chance to get either Gigantic from the BFC collection. http://henshinjustice.com/2013/02/10/max-factory-unveils-avengers-and-guyver-figmas/
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