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  1. it would be appropriate to read the first post in this topic before asking questions. What i meant is if textbaloon translations are still being released since many can't read japanese, not full scanlations
  2. are translation still being released....? thanks!
  3. where is the link to the raw/scans? can't seem to find it on the post
  4. I also do feel guyot will be the last enemy in the series, however i think guyot will first first be processed to become a second class zoalord first, maybe by obtaining one of the zoa crystals from one of the rogue zoalords after he dies off by the hands of apollon but somehow is not able to retrieve the zoacrystal (maybe too many enemies prevent him from doing so). I do not believe alkampfer will be able to gain a g unit but he will reach back to his own old self in terms of power, probably through a sacrifice of murakami. Somehow Alky gets put is a tough spot by taking a giga smasher in
  5. Assuming Guyver exists in this world i would prefer to just ignore it, kind of sucks having whole cronos chasing after you just because you can put on an armor...
  6. hlxino

    The spectrum

    I just made an account to make a posting to this topic. I have been following Guyver since the first time it got published in Italy back in old 1994 and had every single book until i left the country a coupple of years ago and been following this website avidly since then. I understand your frustration with plagiarism and whichever method you guys decide to adopt i will support it, just let us common mortals be able to follow this series in an understandable form! The HTML approach seems to be able to resolve quite a few problems and looks good. The private forum method although might sou
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