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Sentai 40th Anniversary News Thread - Doubutsu Sentai ZyuOhger


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Doubutsu Sentai ZyuOhger Sentai Hero Series 1-5
Price- 800 yen each
Description- Sofubi figure for all 5 ZyuOhger

Doubutsu Sentai ZyuOhger Punch Fighter
Price- 2,400 yen
Description- blow up punching bag (as per every year)

Kyarrachi! Doubutsu Sentai ZyuOhger
Price- 1,800 yen
Description- Apparel for ZyuOhger (non-toy related, likely a wrist watch)

Henshin Choujuu DX Ocarinas (Transformation Wildlife DX Ocarinas) pronounced as "Oh-Carinas", because Toei loves puns.
Price- 4,980 yen
Description- Henshin device, possibly for the first 3 rangers. "ChouZyu" with the characters used, means "wildlife". Separately, the characters are "bird" and "beast." Seems to be an Ocarina (like Link uses from Zelda.)

Zangeki Inu GittaGuitar (Slashing Dog GittaGuitar)
Price- 4,000 yen
Description- Apparently, a guitar/sword weapon in the motif of a Dog. Likely the team weapon. Like the transformation device, it is a musical instrument.

Oukan Dash DX Buckle Monkey (Crown Dash DX Buckle Monkey)
Price- 2,500 yen
Description- Belt Buckle for the ZyuOhger. Will hold this year's collectibles, called "ZyuOhKan", or "Beast Crowns." In the motif of a monkey.

King Animal Series 01-02 Doubutsu Gattai DX ZyuOhjin & KingTiger Set
Price- Undecided
Description- Apparently, a set of four mecha. The core 3 forming ZyuOhjin, with KingTiger belonging to the 4th ranger.

Doubutsu Sentai ZyuOhger Dream Safari Board Game
Price- 3,980 yen
Description- Unknown, though likely unrelated to the main toy line, and just a board game of some kind.

ZyuOhKan Set 01
Price- 750 yen
Description- First set of ZyuOhKan

King Animal Series 03 KingRhinos
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- 5th King Animal released. Likely for the 5th ranger.

King Animal Series 01-03 Doubutsu Gattai DX ChouZyuOhjin
Price- Undecided
Description- Combination of all 5 ranger mecha. The Super Combo for this year.


King Animal Series 04 KingGorilla
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- Gorilla Type Auxiliary Mecha

King Animal Series 05 KingGator
Price- 2,600 yen
Description- Alligator Type Auxiliary Mecha

ZyuOhKan Set 02
Price- 750 yen
Description- Second set of ZyuOhKan

Henshin DenHane ZubatPhone (Transformation Electric Wing ZubatPhone)
Price- 4,980 yen
Description- Apparently the henshin device for the 4th and 5th ZyuOhger

ZyuOhger Narikiri Buki Set (ZyuOhger Personal Roleplay Weapons set)
Price- 3,800 yen
Descriptions- Apparently a set of indivdual weapons for the rangers



Pictures to follow, possibly later this week.

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More Rumors (not yet confirmed, etc.)

-ZyuOhRed's mecha is ZyuOhLion. It transforms into ZyuOhjin.

-The other four mecha are as follows: ZyuOhEagle, ZyuOhDragon, ZyuOhBuffalo, ZyuOhTiger.
These four combine into KingTiger which combines with ZyuOhjin to form "ChouZyuOhjin". ChouZyuOhjin seems to have different modes- activated by the King Animals.

-KingRhinos, KingGorilla and KingGator will make different ChoZyuOhjin. The Gator will likely make "Geta" (Sandals) for the combination.

-The ZyuOhger will work in an animal theme park known as the "Dream Safari." The director of the theme park is their commander.
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Previous Toy List was False, New List up!

Team is apparently a 6 member set-up. Colors are supposedly per the original rumor- Red is Eagle, Blue is Shark, Yellow is Lion, Green is Elephant, White is Tiger. Gorilla will be Black. Black will arrive slightly later than the rest, as to hold the 6th ranger mantle.

Red, Blue and Yellow form their own robot, Black, Green and White form the second.


Releasing in February:

ZyuOhCube 1 2 3 Doubutsu Gattai DX ZyuOhKing
(Combined from CubeEagle, CubeShark and CubeLion)

ZyuOh Cube Weapon Doubutsu Busou CubeKirin
(Giraffe weapon)

Henshin Keitai DX ZyuOhChanger (Transformation Cell Phone ZyuOhChanger)

Doubutsu Juuken DX ZyuOhBuster (Animal Bayonet DX ZyuOhBuster)

Chouzyuken DX EagRiser (Wildlife/Birds and Beasts Sword DX EagRiser)

Sentai Hero Series:

Rangers 1-5 (JuuOhEagle, JuuOhShark, JuuOhLion, JuuOhElephant, JuuOhTiger)

Releasing in March:

ZyuOhCube 4 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeElephant

ZyuOhCube 5 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeTiger

ZyuOhCube Mini Series
(ZyuOuEagle w/Cube Eagle, ZyuOhShark figure w/CubeShark, ZyuOhLion figure w/CubeLion

ZyuOhEagle and ZyuOhGorilla Mask Set

ZyuOhEagle and ZyuOhGorilla Narikiri Sets

Super Sentai Hero Series 06 ZyuOhGorilla

Releasing in April:
ZyuOhCube 6 Doubutsu Gattai DX CubeGorilla

ZyuOhCube 4 5 6 Doubutsu Gattai ZyuOhWild Set
(Combination of CubeElephant, CubeTiger and CubeGorilla)

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some more pics for whoever is looking at this thread, the series logo, which I think has some liveman aspects,




there are rumours that the helmets have a changing gimmick, ZyuOhEagle for example, the beak flips or comes off, and it becomes a gorilla themed helmet. in this picture you can kinda see a silver plate, beneath the beak/fin/whatever mouthpiece they each have.


the ZyuOhchanger and ZyuOhbuster



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The catalogue is (almost) completely out and we can finally have a better global view.

ZyuOh Changer
Like a Rubik's Cube, the ZyuOh Changer will have to be rotated to activate its 3 modes.
Henshin Mode : Press the red button, rotate the cube to form the face of the animals and open it to transform. The transformation sound will be some rythmed "Ha ! Ha ! Ha !".
Shokan Mode : To summon the ZyuOh Cubes, press the yellow button and rotate the Changer to form the cube. The Changer can say the name of all 6 animals.
Gattai Mode : To form ZyuOhKing, press the blue button and rotate the Changer to form the head of the robot. The Changer will shout : San (3), Ni (2), Ichi (1), ZyuOhKing !


ZyuOh Buster
The side weapon of all ZyuOhger will composed of 2 cubes.
The red cube will form the sword mode with its ZyuOh Slash attack, and the blue cube will form the gun mode with its ZyuOh Shoot attack.


ZyuOhEagle's personal weapon. It can turn into a whip.


Cube Kirin
Cube Kirin is a numberless giraffe that will serve as ZyuOhKing's bazooka.


Cube Elephant
ZyuOhElephant's personnal mecha. It can combine to ZyuOh King to form ZyuOhKing 1-2-4.


Cube Tiger
ZyuOhTiger's personnal mecha. It can combine to ZyuOh King to form ZyuOhKing 1-5-3.


ZyuOhGorilla & Cube Gorilla
ZyuOhEagle's second mecha. To control it, ZyuOhEagle will have to mode change into ZyuOhGorilla by moving up the face of his helmet. His eagle symbol on his torso will also turn into a gorilla.


ZyuOhWild is the robot composed of Cube Elephant, Tiger and Gorilla. His weapon is a small gatling gun but it can also launch its fists to attack its opponents.


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huh, I have mixed feelings for this, on one end I love the helmet designs but on the other the upper torso of their suits just seem weird, and sentai keeps getting weirder and sillier, hopefully this series will be good but I wont hold my breath, I had hopes for nininger but I lost interest rather quickly.

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Someone replied to my topic! Yay!!


Anyway, news on the singer for the main theme tune, it's Hideaki Takatori. He's the guy who sung the Shinkenger ending theme, and more importantly the Hurricanger opening theme. Now, Toei's doing a new radio show featuring the singers from Kamen Rider & Sentai, and this week was his turn and he sang the Shinkenger ED & Hurricanger OP in a radio style setting.



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From what I've read, red is human while the other four are zyuman. This sentai is proclaiming to be the first where the heroes have three forms, so the other four have zyuman, humanoid and ranger, whilst Yamato (red) has human, red eagle and red gorilla. Apparently in the story, a young Yamato helps a "birdman" in the forest, who gives him his changer. This is where the eagle form comes from. The gorilla form, people are speculating is because humans are apes. Although at some point down the road we may find out that Yamato is maybe half zyuman, or something, but for now, he is fully human. Interesting tidbit from NinNinger Vs ToQger, apparently when the ZyuOhgers do their pose, Yamato uses his EagleRiser like a tamers whip.

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6th Ranger News!


The 6th ranger has been revealed. His name is ZyuOh-TheWorld, and he comes with three cube animals, CubeRhino, CubeAlligator and Cube Wolf. His suit has all three animal prints on it, and his helmet can flip to represent all three animals.



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