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Ark Survival Evolved - My Bronto Base

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Been playing Ark for a while now and I've finally been able to build (for the most part) what had inspired to get the game in the first place.


Allow me to introduce  Atalante - The Dinosaur Hunting Landship





She's not quite finished yet and works on hold because I'm going away for a week. 

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Hi everyone I'm back from my trip and my little girl is all loaded out! 




That trophy on the side is from a nasty Alpha Rex. we bumped into him by accident and while Atalante is tough, she not on that level yet so we tried to flee. As luck would have it Satanus (my nick name for him) got stuck and we managed to kill the evil tyrant. 


Once She's a higher level we will try to take on  bigger monsters such as.....


The Giganotosaurus



The Broodmother



The Dragon 



The Megapithecus



and The Dodorex 



Also here's a little size comparison 


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Holy cow. Pokémon meets Shadow of the Colossus.


Not quite. Aside from the Giganotosaurus all the others ones are untamable boss monsters.  Not all the creature on Ark are that big but they all have their uses. The Dodo's are practically useless even as food but they lay so many eggs that you will always have something to eat. Dilos are weak but their spite blinds and slows even big dinos, Ankylosaurs are good and gathering rock and metal while Mammoths are better at collecting wood. The Rex fast on land and has high stamina while the Spino is stronger and can swim.  The Giganotosaurus is a living engine of destruction that grows stronger the more damage it takes but its slow and it can enter a berserker rage that will cause it to through off its riders and attack anything.




My Bronto is an awesome berry collecting machine who's tale also packs one hell of a punch (can kill an entire pack of raptors in one swing!). However taming  is not easy. First you have to knock your target unconscious. (not an easy thing to do if its a pissed off Bronto or Rex) you then need to keep is sedated (drugged up) while you feed it which takes time because it will only eat when hungry. A Bronto can take several ingame days depending on your resources. Besides that your will need to feed yourself, your other animals, survive the elements,you can die from both extreme heat, cold, starvation or dehydration. And to top it off every predator will think your dinos is an easy meal.


But its not just the land, there are real monsters in the ocean and sky too. And believe me trying to tame something underwater is a circle of hell all its own!




Although its not in the game yet this is the monster I dread fighting most! I also want to tame it really badly!



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