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Cross-over art Guyver, Berserk, Devilman, and Shinobi


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So I am still sort of new to these forums and I was never really a member of forums, I just liked visiting them. Well I did a piece a while back and I haven't worked on it. Its about some of my favorite animes themed with anti-heros, well except shinobi because that's a video game, but it did have a comic book at one point. Here's the list of those anime/game (If you guys haven't checked them out, their pretty good);

Berserk, Devilman, Guyver, and Shinobi (the Arcade and PS2 game series).




These are the references if you guys happened to be curious



Well about the pic, aside from the theme being my favorite action/anti-hero series, there are actually elements in all of them that could make it really likely for a cross over to happen (mostly being about supernatural beings wanting to invade the world, and somehow they are part of humanities nature/origins). Nothing else to say but that I just wanted to post this pic here so that it doesn't get lost when I reboot my system and it deals with Guyver too. I plan on to continue my work on it and leave the finishing touches to a friend of mine that's an expert artist, so far I only have the outline done (and I need to work on some of the proportions as well.


Honestly I am very busy so most likely you guys wont hear me updating this often, but when I get the chance I will definately try to finish this one up. I actually plan to continue this project where I make more cross over pics as all of their stories progresses as I find out more about their new abilities, this is just a scene where they all happen to bump into each other in this different dimension of Japan, but they have no choice but to work together and figure out what's going on.

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