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Story Idea Blockage On Two Parts, Any Help?

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Hi all, need a bit of help. . .

I've decided to write a Guyver story, though it wont be crossing over with Warrior Guyver universe barith the units that i will use. But it will be a crossing over with some other anime like X-Men Evolution, Genocyber, and one or two others.

The main problem I've gotten to is not just when and how my main character gets his unit but also which will be different like the units Sho, Agito, and Risker (though his will be different). This is to reflect a change in the story line the different units being used by those three being more powerful than the standard ones.

Basically I want my character to be a mutant/meta-human, and if you ever watched an anime called Genocyber about a being with a immense psychic power. Though the specific mutation my character will have I'm not sure of yet, as it comes down to 5 possible mutations with the 5th being more a mixture of 2-3 of the other mutations.

What I think many people on this forum, and another, think is that a mutant using a Guyver unit would be classed as a Guyver-Zoanoid reflecting in the power level as a mutant would need a high level of power to uses their mutation. Though I would think that pending on the mutation some would be more like hyper zoanoids, neo hyper, proto zoalord and zoalord levels, which would be reflected in the guyver unit.

Though I did conclude that the units unless modified specifcally then the Guyver units will restrict what the mutant can do with their mutation, as you don't see a zoanoid with a Guyver unit transform after activating their unit so there must be a ristriction on this. Though someone like X-Men's Colossus, I am not really sure on his type of mutation being allowed to take his armoured form but it could be possible after activating a unit?

Well the mutations I boiled it down to are really a bit greedy as they are potent in power level but they would be at a low level and grow with training, experience, and so on so not at the level that are shown by the orignial characters;

A) Well, like I said greedy as this one is Apocalypse type of mutation from earth 616 plus at the level granted by the alien tech though the character would not have such tech in him, which also means technopathy.

B) Well, I'd say this one is both potent and greedy as this one is from Mister M; though it's more of a powerful psychic with a subconsious manual on how to manipulate on the molecular level, so if such a manual was in the other mutation (A) then that would be able to do the same thing. Not very clear, sorry, just a thought on the knowledge being subconsious but there to draw on and learn and be part of the consious mind afterwords.

C) Well this is very similar to Copycat's power though what the person can see they can copy the appearance but only touching like rogue can the person gain what ever else the person has like mutant powers/abilities along side knowledge, skills and memories.

D) Much like © but no shapeshift unless they touch someone like mystique. like rogues power but more like a perfect, enhanced or true form version as it won't render a person unconsious, coma or death. Sort of like copying a computer or photocopying perfectly. Though the other difference also is that the power gets enhanced to a much greater level and they gain a level of resistence to that power or immunity that or their resistence build up to that.

However, they keep the power active unlike rogue who loses access to the power after a certain time limit, while this one it just drops down to a level where it's weaker than the person they got it from. But like a muscle with training it can grow back to the level it was and surpass it, that and for a limited time just touch the person again to regain the level of power and pending if whose control is better on that power, so if his is better then he uses that.

E) This one is more of a mix of say (A) and (B) with a little bit of (D) or a bit of reactive evolution somthing really minor level. But what it really boils down to is that I can't really decide which one to go with but which ever one it is it won't awaken till after gaining his unit and starts learning how to use and control this power besides the unit. So it won't be a very big power up, it's just something like new paths and potentials he now has open to him to go down and that he can train.

The next part of this is I haven't decided when he gets the unit, if before the start of the guyver series then that leaves it open for him to go to America for the X-Men side for a few months or episodes/series before going beack to japan at some point to get involved with the guyver series. Like helping Sho train to use his unit, this could be jut after he gains the unit and before fighting unit 2 or after during the first appearance of Zerebubuth.

Then at some point involve the X-Men or mutants being changed into zoaforms of some types, thus giving more powerful enemies to fight with such units being more powerful. Though if he gets the unit at the start of the series then he would go through that side upto and after Relic's point and then go off to America and then at some point would the x-zoanoids come in to being, which would like some people suggest being like lost numbers as they would be very hard to impossible to copy for now.

The units Sho and te other two get, well they would be more advanced than the standard units but lack somethings like the warrior type and also not being as powerful as that type. What happens with the other units well they could still be around and or these units come from a Relic that comes from a different reality that managed to break through into this one and so some new directions were taken by the creators before they left.

Hence why they are more powerful, though they would't be as fast to heal damage to say the CM like the WG would be able to do, that and Risker may not be the one to gain that unit but just the standard while say a female did instead?

So this basically comes to;

A) Mutation type. . .

B) When and which path he goes down. . .

So I could really use any feed back on this to give me some help, so I can get the story moving. . . So any ideas?

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A Guyver Unit will assimulate and enhance the traits of the host, creating a hybrid being of the bio-boost organism and the host. This means mutants powers will not be limited by the unit, so long as they have a biological basis which the organism can assimulate.

The reason why we haven't seen a Zoanoid transform is because of 2 reasons, one is because we only really have one Guyver Zoanoid example to draw from that didn't live long enough to tell us anything, and two for Zoanoids their human form is a disguise and so the Unit would most likely reveal their true form. Remember, zoanoids may be able to transform but most aren't true shapeshifters like Aptom.

So a mutant like Colossus, if bonded to a Guyver Unit, will still be able to transform into his metallic form. Though how much the Unit can enhance his power is uncertain in that it may not vastly increase his power, as not all abilities are equally boosted by the unit and whether the properties of the unit can enhance the properties of the host.

The Creators for example were only Bio-Boosted by the Unit to 1/10th the level of a human hosted Guyver, and they most likely had no equivalent to the Mega Smashers. Though mutants are still technically human and thus the same properties that make a human become a Guyver should also apply to them.

Additionally the level of adaptability of the Unit could be dependant on the CM, basically the ability to control and master the abilities may be limited to the host capabilities unless the CM can augment the host mind in some way. . . Though to an extent a standard Unit does augment a host mind, granting super human speed, reflexes, and agility. The Hyper Sensors for example provide a huge amount of information but despite this no Guyver has ever experienced information overload.

For comparison you can look up how much training it takes for say Apache Helicopter pilots to handle all the information processing it takes to properly pilot those helicopters.

For WG's I took it to the next level, allowing for the battle collective and other mental enhancements. But even slightly less advance Units like the Nova Units provide significant enhancements that could vastly improve the abilities of a mutant.

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Well after so long i am back.

Well while tralling the net i came across a few things that brought me another idea that would fit in with what i originally suggested.

The part on mutant power for the charracter in this maybe its a watered down version of rogues power and the character after ending up in a parrell reality where the chronos - human/guyver war has broken out sort of like in "Warrior Guyver". So the Zoalords of this earth are more advanced in their manipulation of dna and such.

So they alter after studying the x-gene as in this reality they may not have such so no mutants. After studying it they alter and improve it as well as experiment in trying to recreate aptom though this new test subject.

The idea i had on this is that instead of just grabbing the x-gene from whoever he is touching it grabs (think like RPG plays raiding a village or such places and taking what they need/find useful, and leave what they don't want.) say from logan the healing factor and bone claws but doesn't take the x-gene that orignal created/generated it. Sort of like the x-gene create or alters the body to be able to heal fast and the catalist is the x-gene which can mutate and improve itself, like a new mutantion. But it still makes some sort of alteration that provides the healing ability.

So the character touchs logan and gains this sort of like a selective progam what works best for the being, though maybe its limited to only being able to take some things or so much.

This is were the zoaprocess comes into play as they alter it and him so that he can take in some of the dna (blood, flesh, bone/marrow etc) like aptom can to the point of full consumpion like he does.

This way he can gain the full benefit of what isn't taken in by his power that and it is then able to get rid of what isn't need (his own organ or such is as good or better) or store it for a later time to use it like how aptom can call up different dna and use it.

Though this also brings with it the possiblity that he could consiously or unconsiously (undermind at work) sort out and fix what is flawed in one form like gregore strength of 15 and the balanced form of ramotith speed/agility/strength 10, would when the two forms are combined still be imbalanced.

By this ST 15 (gregore strength) and Ramotith SP/AG/ST 10 still.

What i was thinking some how he or his undermind or the mutantion works out how to over come this flaw and grant it as a all round thing.

Though with the hyper zoanoids that is a bit difficult to work out myself as Derzerb and Thancrus are at oposit ends of strength and speed to each other.

But i suppose what i was whining on about above with gregore and ramotith was the when taking a combined form of the two he would only have the speed and agility of ramotith and the strength of greogre. This idea on this last bit was him or it over coming this so that strength would be reflacted all round.

Though having said that i was thinking that ramotith legs would be as strong as his arms like a ape so balanced but light in weight. While gregore is heavy and while his legs are poewrful to help him move most of his power is focused in his upper torso like the arms and neck.

But still the idea of the mutant power like this helps i think a little with why the aptom like zoaform power, maybe with it comes the small ability to better himself like some improvements without having to find someone with them though minor compared to others.

Though i think aptoms own healing factor out strips logans and sabertooths on healing ability though not sure if aptom has to focus on healing or it does so by itself.

Though a small flaw i can see is some abilities it may not be able to copy like multiply ability to create copies of himself or maybe elemental manipulation or shapeshifting. Not sure on the limits but maybe those powers that effect the out side don't get copied, besides psychic/psionic powers or such, then again maybe they do?

But with the ability to assimilat the dna of a person he would be able to access such abilities fully as he would be taking in the x-gene as well as some or all of the memoreis and such of the person?

With shapeshifting i was thinking that aptom only shifts i think into those that he has sampled (killed in most cases) and not create new forms, like human ones. While mystique can do such even to the point of size and mass i think which is much greater than aptoms.

As this sort of thing shapeshifting that mystique does could likely mean that he (character) may need to sample her dna/x-gene to grant himself the full ability?

WIth something like cyclops eye blast i was thinking that combind with vamores lasers well maybe it boosts them so that they are much more powerful.

That and i have been wondering on if the character would first have to transform (maybe a flaw) to be able to access the full abilities of what abilities he has gained or in what he can use them in. So limited zoanoid abilites but still able to do things like bring our lasers like vamore though maybe smaller and in a different place. Or Gasters missles like aptom does in the manga in some scenes.

Though i think i asked this question that does aptom in human form have access to the hyper zoanoid strength and speed or is it limited.

With the guyver unit i am still inclined to go for it though i admit that i have been fluxing between somethng like the standard unit and the more advanced units.

That and mutant powers would have to be toned down a lot as some of these in the earth 616 are very powerful.

That said this isset in the evolution reality so they aren't all that powerful and maybe they wont?

Still that said i was thinking like i mentioned before that those with the x-gene would have to undergo special processing as they would have great diffculty in turning them into zoanoids thanks to the x-gene.

So something like a lost number in that they are one of a kind but still able to reproduce, hmm sort of like the hyper zoanoids in being difficult to create.

But after a few times of this happening chronos focuses on getting the right battle form to improve control and use of what ever power the mutant has.

This also gives rise to cloning so madelynn pryor could make a appearance thanks to chronos trying to clone jean grey and make either a powerful zoalord or lowlevel one.

That and it would be an experiment in cloning mutants, as well as creating copies of the x-gene from the original.

Like cyclops eye beams the x-gene they try and copy into either vamore or one of the later hyper zoanoid models to increase the energy out put.

But while it does in some cases it may not always do this as it could want to come out of the eyes like normal or hands instead of the weapons, that and it could be weaker than the original.

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