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SemantiFind is a utility to enhance search researches to be more specific to what you are looking for.

JOOST is a for watching TV through the net.

Five Best BitTorrent Applications

Technophilia: Get a free college education online

NetSetMan, windows only app allows you to switch network configurations on the fly with up to 6 different profiles for the free version and unlimited for the paid pro version.


Print What You Like, is a online service that lets you print only what you want from any website.

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Your Chance To Catch The Show About Diseases That Pleases

This is a series that aired in Canada and apparently never made it out of canada but for sci-fi fans who like realism in their deadly disease of the week episodes, it is apparently a must see and the first 2 seasons are now being aired online at the Hulu video website.


The Star Trek vs Star Wars Tech Assessment Index

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For those living in the USA, it is now the weekend before the 2008 Presidential Election.

So here are some non-partisan links to sites that will tell you the truth regardless of which party you are rooting for and hopefully answer any lingering questions you may have of the candidates and their policies. . .

National Journal





C-SPAN (Raw Political News Organization)

Now just keep in mind that no one article, from any of the listed sites, will give you the complete picture. You'll have to look at them all to get some idea and then combine that with whatever each site might miss to fill in the final gaps and then use your own judgment. Also, though these sites are non-partisan doesn't mean they are 100% correct in their analysis, after all assumptions are still involved but they will give you a fair overall picture that partisan sites would never give you.

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