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Retry: Guyver ideas

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I originally put this on the Warrior Guyver section of this forum, and found out I wasn't suppose to put what I had thought of for the requst topic.

I have copy/pasted the ideas here:

1. A bunch of guyvers of varying type end up in a D&D campain setting (In Dark Sun, I bet the ancient halflings would LOVE to get a hold of a unit.

2. Somehow get a guyver infected with the T-Virus (Or maybe The "G-Virus" would produce more intresting results) from the Resident Evil series.

3. Drop a fully equiped Creator into classic a real-world mythology like the Greek or Egyptian mythologies. I would love to see a Enforcer Kavzar take on Hercules, or maybe even better, turn Hercules in to a guyver!

4. I've seen on DeviantArt pictures that someone did of a guyver-Alien (as in the black nasty beasts with the heads that resemble you-know-what). I don't recall the name of the artist, but someone can just look for it on DeviantArt; the guyver depicted is strangely mechanical-looking. The artist also drew a alien that had become host to a Unit-G. The alien is depicted opening it's megasmashers.

Revise Note: I found the alien guyver picture on DeviantArt. The picture's name and drawer is: Alien Guyver by ~blackpoint

5. I just found a picture of a "Predator Guyver" done by ~grendel2040 of deviantart.

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Don't worry Porject: Undying, you'll get the hang of the board soon enough :wink:

Topic moved to Science Lab Forum! . . . Even though this topic really doesn't deal much with science, alternate Guyver hosting and the T-Virus does put it under here.

Now everyone, feel free to discuss and don't mind if it gets a bit crazy.

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So what a guyver with the t-virus is like a zombie guyver? Or is it that the guyver keeps the t-virus under control giving the guyver insane regeneration abilities.

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