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New Guyver Message Board!!


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I Have posted this here after chatting with sully before any of you think i am being sneaky!!

Basically I have set up a domain with the title


Contained in this domain is my personal website which will continue to grow now that i have internet at home!

Featuring very prominently among this is the GUYVERBOARD.

While i made this message board with intentions of it being a different type of place to WGCOM, sully and I have agreed that it has come at a perfect time as this board will be down for moving very soon.

So basically anyone who wants to continue discusion on guyver, come and sign up on guyverboard.

Sully also said that it is ideal because he can post on guyverboard to keep you all informed on his progress in moving WGCOM.

I need to make it very clear to everyone that i have only just set up this board and as a result it is very patchy. i will possibly need mods so anyone who is interested please pm me on guyverboard and we can talk.

anyway hope to see some of you guys soon!

signing off, Drag-5.

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I'm already there, dude... Just to let you know, nice job... There are few templates there that you can't find here... The kinda thing makes you wonder, doesnt it?

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