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I guys well I'v been talking to one of the guys in charge of the guyver seires from max factory figures and models and has let me in on some info in aptom and the future on the guyver serias. This is auctaul message from him read and enjoy

Dear ChrisGuyver

Thank you for your e-mail about our products of guyver 3 action figure.

As you know, We are planning to sell new guyver series that will be the aptom 5.

We guess it would be on OCT or NOV. 2004.

And also we plan to sell some more character of guyver.

It will be over more than 30 character, some of them are action figure, the other are

soft vinyl figure.

We can't open all of our guyver series. Sorry!

But we believe we can make you satisfy by our guyver series.

Thank you very much

Best regards.




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