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FAQ for all the newbies...

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There have been several incarnations of the guyver released, which are listed here in (roughy) chronological order -

The Manga (ie, Comic) - created, written and drawn by Yoshiki Takaya. Currently published monthly (?) in the Shounen Ace magazine in Japan, several chapters are then reprinted into Graphic Novels by Kadowaka Comics, each weighing in at roughly 200 pages. These books are currently into their 21st volume. Many Volumes have been translated into Chinese and Italian, plus maybe other languages, but only 7 have been translated into English (by Viz Communications, who did a lame job of it, and who are now refusing to let go of the rights to the series so that another company could finish their job of translating it for us fans).

The OVA (Original Video Animation), an hour long animated film titled Guyver: Out Of Control. The story is quite different from the other versions of the Guyver - it has several suprising plot diffrernces, most noticably the Female Guyver and no Tetsuro. Available only in Japanese, but subtitled in the USA by LA Hero.

The Anime - A twelve part animated series. Season one was the better of the two, with the more accurate animation than series 2 (each series being six episodes long). The anime series, while more true to the story than the OVA, has several plot differences, most notably that Aptom doesn't get 'round to absorbing Hyper Zoanoid team 5, plus its the only Guyver adaptation to have the Powered Zx-Tole (created after he merges with Elegen).

The Movies - There have been two live action movies based on the Guyver. Both were average (my own opinion). The first, imaginativly titled 'The Guyver' (also known as 'Mutronics' in Europe, for some unfathomable reason) was directed by 'Screaming Mad George' and stared several relatively unknowns, plus Mark Hamill (from starwars fame). The film did little justice to the original story and was far too Slapstick. Guyver 2: Dark Hero was directed by Steve Wang. This sequel was a far better film, with no accursed slapstick humor. The main lead changed hands from Jack Armstrong to David Hayter, who actually made some attempt at playing the role seriously, and hence made the film far superior to the first. The most notable point about this film is that we get to see a Guyver Zoanoid, something we have yet to see anywhere else. Plus you get to see a Relic fly off into the sunset at the end. :D

Finally (though I don't know if that is chronologically accurate) there is the Guyver Novel. Not much to tell you about this, as I am still waiting for my copy to arrive in the post, but what I do know that it is only available in Japanese, is a book rather than a comic, and is the only adaptation to feature the Powered Zerbubuse (and probably a few other plot twists no-one knows about 'cos few of us can read Japanese).

Oh yea, there's also at least one Guyver Doujinshi (professional-looking fan-work) available which I can tell you more about when I recieve my copy.

Now thats my 'FAQ'. I think I've covered everything, and I reckon anyone who asks a question in ANY forum that is already covered here should be banned immediately for being so goddamned lazy. :twisted:

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Where can I find x, y, z etc Guyver item.

Here are the obvious places:

1. www.ebay.com

2. www.amazon.com

3. www.amazon.co.jp - copy and paste this ガイバー in to the search Note: If you only see boxes and not Japanese then you need to install Japanese fonts on your PC, don't know how to do that? Look it up on Google, this is a Guyver board not I.T. Support.

4. www.google.com - Use words like Shop Guyver or DVD Guyver etc.

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