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  1. Glad you like it . Actually got in contact with the original model maker on the movie and he helped out a lot with images of the original . There was also a post on Face Book on the Guyver Projects page with a vid of models made by Asao Gato for the movie and the big version of the ship that helped a lot when it came to painting it . My 3D guy did a great job translating it and the master was printed then cast in resin.The kit comes with 2 sets of legs for the in or out position for flight. It stands just about 12" tall. Only did a small run of 20 to start ...down to 6 left. I love organic ships ...the weirder the better ..and im a Guyver fan.
  2. Built this kit a while back and made a Guyver unit for the base . If if you have this kit and want to print a Guyver Unit base contact me and I will give the stl file free if you want to print one ...Enjoy f
  3. Hi Guys , Im new here and come bearing gifts I hope . I have been a fan for years and a model builder and producer . I recently released a model kit of the Relic ship from the Guyver movie Dark Hero, I hope you like and if you interested in getting one please contact me. Enjoy the pics anyway . Thanks for looking ....Tony
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    Guyver Spacecraft

    Thanks , I found that one ...I will keep looking . I tried contacting Asao Goto , Steve Wang referred him, as the person who was working on the model ...but no success so far. Ill keep at it.
  5. Hi , Im collecting any data that may be available on the Spacecraft from the movie Guyver :Dark Hero. I have been a fan and have a collection of figures and want to make the spacecraft from the movie as a kit. Im looking for any images of the model used in the movie besides the ones that can be captured from the movie .I would appreciate any help. Please contact me ...Tony Tonzye@hotmail.com
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