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  1. Real talk, long time fan of the site. Blows what happened. I'm gonna be straight with you guys. I'm not gonna drop money on Guyver until they start releasing stuff in the US again. I've got no prob spending the green on the real deal when it is sent over here. So, I'm not questing for links or such. Nay, what I'm asking/pleading for is thus: Can we at least get *summaries* of what's going on in the manga? I would be 100% PERFECTLY content just knowing what's going on with this now almost 30-years-old series. But as we all know, detailed info is few and far between. Like many, I, quite literally, grew up with this series and just want to know where it is going. I realize this might come off as begging and or whining for free stuff, and higher-ups, if ya wanna shut this thread down, by all means, boss(es?). I just wanted to ask if this was/is/could be on the table for those like me who are just looking for an up-to-date on where we are at.
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