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  1. As a heads up, Guyver Gigantic Dark, Neo Zx-Tole, Guyver I/II/III, Panadyne and Vamor have been sold/taken. So that leaves Guyver Gigantic, Guyot, Murakami and the not-so-great-condition Aptoms left if anyone's interested!
  2. I’m selling off the majority of my Guyver collection and before putting them all up individually on eBay I figured I might post on here and see if there’s any interest. They’re all used and have been on display, and I have; · Murakami · Guyver I (Non-Image Head Version) · Guyver II · Guyver III (Black Blades / Not Glow in the Dark) · Guyver Gigantic · Guyver Gigantic Dark · Guyot · Neo Zx-Tole · Aptom Full Blast · BFW Evil Aptom· · BFW Panadyne / Vamor (Loose) I’d be looking for a higher price on Murakami due to his rarity but I’d certainly be willing to go a bit cheaper on him if anyone was looking for a bundle deal or anything. They're all in really good condition despite being used, except for; Guyver Gigantic: Figure itself is in good condition, for some reason though I seem to only have the cardboard box and not the plastic packaging inside so I’d try to make the price reflect this. Neo Zx-Tole: Again figure itself is in good condition, box itself isn’t in such a great state though. Aptom: He’s not in good condition. Right shoulder and left elbow are fairly weak / slightly broken; he’s still posable but it’s somewhat limited and you’d have to be careful with him. Likewise Evil Aptom’s arm broke when I tried changing it so it’s glued in place / you can’t change it for the lance, and one of the nodules on the mace seems to be missing. Due to this I’d be willing to sell both of these fairly cheap. PM me for individual prices / if you’d be interested in grabbing a few of them. If by chance anyone would be interested in the entire set I’d be looking somewhere around $800 USD for everything, including shipping too depending on how much it ends up costing.
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