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  1. Item is stil for sale. Pm me if you are interested. I am sure we can work out a fair price.
  2. Hi guys, its been a while since I last visited the forum. If my memory serves me right a year, probably. But that is besides the point. I am back again because i have some guyver merchandise to sell. To be specific a guyver bust. For pictures follow this link: http://www.marktplaats.nl/a/verzamelen/poppetjes-en-figuurtjes/m1138559404-guyver-bust.html?c=8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr&pos=2 If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  3. Hi Sully, guyver 1 is still for sale. I checked on the shipping costs to ireland. And its 26,65 euro. This shipping option has track and trace and you need to sign for the package. Could you send me a PM? It seems that i can not access that option from my browser.
  4. Hi guys, its been a while since I last visited this site. But I am back. Tpic title says it all. Figure is mint in box and never been opened. So this indeed is a very rare chance to pick up a brand new guyver 1 figure. My asking price is 100 euros. You wont find it cheaper on ebay in this state. Shipping costs have to be determined of course and will be added to the above price. For pictures take a look at this link: http://www.marktplaats.nl/a/verzamelen/poppetjes-en-figuurtjes/m987683504-max-factory-bfc-guyver-1.html?c=8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr
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