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  1. Update #2: I'm now done with chapter 58 editing, gonna email it to Yuki. A note to Jupiter: Thanks for the email, I'd like to be friends. I'd have sent you a message privately, but I guess I don't have permission yet to do so
  2. An update: I am half way through with the re-typing of chapter 58. just another 10 pages to go, wish me luck
  3. Again, thanks everyone for the welcome return. greatly appreciated, and glad I got the font right. Bio-Boosted Dude, the scans for volume 8 and 9 are new. Yuki provided me with a cleaned up (ie, no yellowing) pages of a raw scan, and I cleaned out the text and added the English translation that was done awhile back on here. Glad you like them, they are much better *grins* and a BIG thanks goes out to Yuki for cleaning the pages. So, since the page looks like my previous work (anyone else agree?), I'll finish the rest of the chapter this week.
  4. Thanks everyone for their warm welcome backs, means a lot to me. Just finished editing my first pic in a LONG time Wasn't sure bout the font (I picked Century Gothic). It seems to look like my past edits, let me know what you think and if it does:
  5. Some of you may know me as my old (yet familiar to this one) handle, GuyverAlpha. Seeing as I couldnt remember my password, created this one. A lot has happened, old computer has been replaced with a new one, why I havnt been able to finish fixing volume 9 typesetting. So, if you and Yuki want me to, I can get back to work....let me know if you do, cause I still have the last chapter in Japanese HQ. Great to be back!
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