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  1. Just letting everyone know i have replied back to Biggabertha .A refund will be given in the next few days I have been in hospital so they never got sent out ~
  2. Lool I scanned them in for the site last year
  3. I can take PP or BT I will provide all my personal details also. I recon postage would be about £10-13 So not to bad I can post as soon as money clears and we have exchanged details
  4. If you want them they are yours mate. I never even knew I had 49 lol
  5. Ahh I see Well as i said as long as the price is decent I will let them go
  6. I'm based in Se London(near greenwich) £30+ each? woow Honestly i will sell to someone from here for a reasonable price(going to a fellow guyver fan)
  7. Make me a offer I know everyone on here are MAJOR Guyver fans So it will be going to a good home
  8. They need a new home. Really trying to avoid Ebay. I live in London
  9. Never knew there was a classified section here. Thanks.
  10. They need a new home. Really trying to avoid Ebay. I live in London
  11. Duke TOGO

    viz covers

    All done now people I must say some of these covers are real nice I never knew I have uploaded the pictures to my dropbox unscaled!!! Here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0vdk8viyp74b8ka/5rfj5N9JUz Hope everyone enjoys
  12. Duke TOGO

    viz covers

    I should be getting started with these tonight or tomorrow
  13. Duke TOGO

    viz covers

    I will have to dig out my scanner So give me a few days and i will have them up for ya Got these on ebay a few years ago Guyver being my fave manga i had 2 have them I still need the OVA ost
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