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I'm a little burned out of re-writes at the moment so have decided to do something both new and important to the current story and have started a prequel that will eventually lead to the events of the 2 live action movies as parts of this story which will eventually stop just before Union of the Guyvers. Here is a preview of the story so you can get a feel for it:


October 29th 1929 – Max Pharmaceuticals HQ

“He was correct Zarfel!” shouted Fulton Balcus as news of the day’s events reached the chairman of the board.

“That is good to hear sir,” said Mikhail Zarfel as he handed over another financial report that had being telegrammed over from the New York office.

“Your family has served me well and you’re a credit to their family name! That could have wiped out my wealth and a hundred years of work!” said Fulton Balcus.

“It pays to be well infirmed sir,” said Mikhail Zarfel.

“Stock Market speculation dangerous,” said of voice from the background. Neither man recognised the voice which had a strong English accent. The man was in suit and had long blond hair but his back turned to them as he put his coat and hat onto stand.

“How dare you enter my office!” shouted Fulton Balcus standing up. Only then did he sense something from the man that filled him with dread as the man turned towards them continued walking. 

“Don’t speak of this to anyone and leave us Mikhail,” said Fulton with a look of shock that covered his face that Mikhail nor any member of his long serving family had ever seen in the man.

“You have adjusted well to the modern world,” said the man, as he stood before Fulton Balcus.

“How is this possible?” asked Fulton Balcus.

“You know what I am,” said the man.

“Indeed you are a Zoalord!” said Fulton Balcus.

“We at Chronos wondered how it was possible your organisation managed to withstand our advances for so long. It was decided to finally send one of the board to greet you. What an unexpected surprise you are. It is time then we introduced ourselves. My name is Edward Caerleon, what is your name sir?”

“It is Fulton Balcus, I thought I was alone on this world.”

“No Fulton, you are not. Chronos is ruled by us, the Zoalords.”

“What does this mean for me?” asked Fulton Balcus.

“I would like you to come with me to our Head Quarters in Arizona to meet the other Zoalords of Chronos.”

“I would very much like to do so,” said Fulton Balcus.


October 30th – Arizona Base of Chronos – Underground Station

Outside the base it was a hot dry morning for the sun drenched desert. But deep inside the mountain in the air-conditioned underground station it was not noticeable at all. As the underground train arrived an impressed Fulton Balcus left the train and followed Edward Caerleon as they entered the inner core of the base. From there he could see the inner core of the massive superstructure.

“This place is incredible,” said Fulton Balcus.

“The Arizona Base was the first base of Chronos…,” said Edward Caerleon as they continued to talk as they made their way to a lift which then brought them down the lowest floor of the base where the Celestial Sphere was located.

As they entered what was the most secret chamber of Chronos and the lower hidden chamber of the base the corridor changed to an open view of the secret chamber at the bottom of the base. Fulton looked on not in surprise but curiosity as he saw the giant fossilised spaceship of the Uranus that came into view. Neither zoanoid said anything but it didn’t go unnoticed by Edward who found this most curious.

They neared two large doors guarded by two large guards dressed in suits. “Edward Caerleon of the Zoalords of Chronos is here with my guest!” he said as the door opened before them to review a large round table. At the twelve chairs inside the room were nine other men sitting in their chairs. Once of the men, with long black hair stood up and walked towards Fulton Balcus.

“It is you! It has being eons but you look like you did back then,” said Waferdanos. Fulton looked at the zoalord as he walked towards him he did not recognise him but there was something familiar of the zoalord, something that reminded him of an ancient being he once met…

“The island….” Said Fulton.

“Yes indeed old friend,” said Waferdanos as he extend his right hand in friendship.

“How is it possible?” asked Fulton Balcus wondering how the ancient experiment of the Uranus got a humanoid Zoalord form.

“Let’s that at a later stage please gentlemen,” said Edward as he motioned Fulton Balcus towards one of the chairs. Then the other zoalords of Chronos introduced themselves one by one. As they finished Fulton realised there was still one empty chair. As he noticed that he also then realised there was another presence that he had not felt in eons. It was Alkanphel!


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