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Holiday Season and soon to be bye bye 2015!

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We're getting towards the end of the year towards holiday season. I'd just like to say guys thank you all for being around and sticking with us all these years. To new fans I hope you're out there and that this has being a good year for you guys.

This has being an amazing year for us here, so much so we've taken over Japan-Legend and TheGuyver.net! into the group of sites managed by us. While that doesn't directly help the site the new Guyver Info page that will take over the old TheGuyver.Net page will turn into something very nice for people to go to and get information about the official Guyver.

We've one more big update happening which I'll hopefully get together which will have more of the Data Files updates along with the new menu system in place fully in place and finally the re-wrote Warrior Guyver 2 story will be going up hopefully before the year ends.

2015 has being a great year. I hope you all have a good time during the holidays and be safe! Hopefully 2016 will be even better. :D:wg

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