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Life Force Guyver

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Let's assume that Dreadnought gets bored and decides he wants to get rid of Life Force Guyver in exchange for a few Aceaer units. He finds Life Force Guyver and removes the unit.

He gives the dormant unit to Krullnar. Krullnar then takes the time to study the unit, compare it to his own. Then over time probably decades later if not years, either perfectly recreates the Solom type Warrior unit G-5 or makes a unique Warrior unit but fully capable as a Warrior Guyver.

Fast forward, he creates his version of the Warrior Kavzar probably more difficult since he would be doing this by himself without the aid of his father and possibly mother (presumably the family did it in WG2's universe).

Do you think the Gen would eventually turn their attention back to Earth? This is probably well into the future. Like 23rd or 24th century by this point. Maybe even later if they decided to go after the Grakken too.

Dreadnought also has a second Paradox but he is also a hero to them too. Unlike WG2's universe where there was no Guyver Zoalord so they didn't care about Earth as much.

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