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StepFord Wives Movie

Guest YoungGuyver

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Ok, I've just seen this movie, and it was HILARIOUS! I absolutly loved it! Even the opening credits, when I saw it was directed by Miss Piggy/Yoda Frank Oz, I almost laughed. The first half of this movie was entirely a really good Tim Burton movie, although I missed it if Tim Burton had any part of it.


"Don't you find it disturbing that all the men are scrawny little geeks, and all the women are lush, blonde, bombshells?"

"Not really.... I used to work in network television"

main charactor, "Sparks were coming out of her ear!"

gay guy, "That's a sign.... cheap jewellery"

I loved the sinicm. Everyone had at least one witty remark. Christopher Walken didn't have as much precence as he normally does, but meh, it was still great

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