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I, Robot

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I want to see it but it doesn't start over here until next week, and even then I don't know if my local movie thearter will get it to release next week, they might not get it until a week or two after

But still I've seen the trailer for it and it looks so cool, I can't wait to see it.

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I still thinking of seeing it right know. From what I've seen so far ie. trailors, promos, and reviews it looks ok. It's just I have this thing about will smith I lost all my respect for him when he made WildWildWest and he was doing so good to with the whole ID4 thing. I just don't know if I've got'n over him making W.W.W. enough to go see I Robot. ^_^;

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I just got back from seeing it, and..... DAMN!!!

This movie is so god damn cool!! I love this whole movie, I'm buying it on DVD as soon as it comes out.

I liked the humor in this movie, it was a more darker type of humor compared to Men in Black and other movies Will Smith has been in.

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