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Im looking for a url for a song, bad touch by the blood hound gang, but i seem unable 2 find it. Does anyone know where to find it, and if anybody knows the html code to put the song on a webpage.

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For .wav .au and .mid

Attribute 1 - SRC="..." ~ Specifies the URL of the sound to be played

Attribute 2 - LOOP="n" ~ Specifies the amount of times the sound will loop. "-1" or "INFINITE" will make it loop indefinately.

For other audio (and video)


1. AUTOSTART="..." ~ Whether or not it starts playing irght away. "TRUE" or "FALSE"

2. HIGHT="..." ~ The height in pixels or % of the display for video

3. LOOP="..." ~ Same as above

4. SRC="..." ~ Again, specifies the location of the file. Good luck finding a place to host mp3s, if you're file's small enough, try http://www.2and2.net

5. WIDTH="..." ~ Does the same as HIGHT

The only place I know of for MP3s is Kazaa.

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