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This area of the board is open to all things Guyver and Guyver Fan-Fic related. But it is only to be used for talking about the science behind the Guyver or the fics (or your own fic).

You are allowed to link to off site information here.

Have fun :D

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Note to all members who use this section.

At some point you will have to close the debate and stop wasting my space. Creative freedom costs money in the real world. While I will let you chat away at some point the topic will be closed and you will use some kind of Guyver facts to close the debate. Talk way to much complete crap that is not Guyver in anyway and I'll not be happy. This is called the Guyver Scientist Zone for a reason, it is to talk about Guyver. It is not the Never Ending Story (Debate).

While you can talk about non Guyver facts to support an argument, it does not mean you can have no Guyver facts. You do have to bring the topic back to Guyver at some point.

And once I say it is time to close the debate, you do not bull****, you do not waste any more of my space you end the topic so it can be closed down.

NOTE: Mods and other Admins are appointed by me, if they say it is time to do the above, listen to them.

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Just thought I'd add a little note onto this.

If you have not already figured it out this section of the board is not pruned as of yet. The more interesting topics with useful info end up on Star's Page.

P.S. I'm an Admin and post as many times as I feel like it. Do not post 2 or 3 times in a row like this...

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