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This takes me back...


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When I joined TheGuyver.net there was already Black (Namphid?) theme by default, but I was still able to change it to that lighter theme, if I'm not mistaken. I sure did witness that banner somewhere.


There is a backup version of TheGuyverNet here on JL: http://guyvernet.japan-legend.com/but I think it's missing the forum part.



I wanted to go to archive.org to get the forum links, but archive.org is in maintenance mode right now.

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Archive.org is up!


Here's the last capture of the GuyverBoard with that skin:



The Cronos Board capture!



all other captures:





Found out I joined TheGuyver.net on 12 December 2006. At first my nickname was Cannibal Guyver.

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I was BlazinGuyver until I started to go by MrMcTaco in 2007.


I joined on April 1, 2005. I do remember lurking for quite awhile, however. Also being part of the Warrior-Guyver forums prior.


Crazy! I joined 2 months before I turned 15! Time flies.

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