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2013 Lego Batman Vs Aliens Vs Predator Kamen Rider Kiva Cameo

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LEGO DOOM: Mars in bricks Kickstarter.
PLEASE CHECK OUT THE KICKSTARTER SITE! Thank You. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/digger318/lego-doom-mars-in-bricks/posts
VIDEOS TO CELEBRATE passing 1000 Subcribers! A video a day! 
2007 Star Wars Apocalypse Episode I Return of Vader Commentary
2007 Resident Evil City in Bricks Commentary
2010 Hero's End LEGO Spiderman TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commentary
2013 Lego Batman Vs Aliens Vs Predator
2013 Lego Batman Vs Aliens Vs Predator Commentary
2013 MAKING OF Lego Batman Vs Aliens Vs Predator
On the Geekgo page: Blip 1st then Youtube. 
LEGO Chrome Key Chain VIP Valentines day, Annerversey, Brick, Storm Trooper Magnet Review
Hot Toys DX09 Batman 1989 1/6 Scale Figure Review (Re Done)
Kamen Rider W Helmet Cosplay Review 
Let's Play Gears of War Judgement + Aftermath
GEEKGO site:
A cursed brick figure is forced to review bad games forever! but other things are ok too... oops!
HONG KONG MEDIA PODCAST!!!: ( A lot of my videos will be posted there as well now!) 
Original VIDEOS and lego movies and toy reviews: 
GEEKGO youtube:
More photos on my facebook page!

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