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:Runnykine: Hello there...

I will now randomly name random things I randomly see in my room:

1. A red lighter.

2. Samurai Champloo box set.

3. 1 Katana, 1 Wakizashi, 1 Tanto.

4. 5 electric guitars, 1 acoustic guitar.

5. Age Of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties case.

6. 15 posters with 17 half naked models on them.

7. 2 computer keyboards, 1 keyboard (the musical kind).

8. 2 amplifiers.

9. 1 bottle of sunkist, 2 bottles of water, 1 bottle of lemonade... all are warm besides sunkist and 2 bottles of water have been in my room for over a week I think.

10. a TV.

11. 2 DVD players.

12. A Jack Daniels photo in large frame.

13. A very comfortable bed that looks so awesome right now because it is 2:52AM and I am tired...

14. The same bed that needs to be made.

15. 1 screwdriver.

16. A fair amount of rubbish which needs to be thrown out.

17. A fan on my ceiling.

18. An Iron Maiden poster.

Random things I cannot see unless I open my cupboard/closet:

1. Countless DVDs, including Guyver, Death Note, Ninja Scroll, Spirited Away, Castle Of Cagliostro & Afro Samurai.

2. Over 60 bottles of alcohol which no longer have alcohol in them because I drank them (mostly made up of 700ml bottles of whiskey and such).

3. My wallet.

4. My old phone.

5. A pen or few.

6. Clothes.

7. Bag

8. Weights.

9. Posters.

10. Nunchucks.

11. Countless CDs which are in those large round plastic cases... an estimated 20+ terabytes on all of them... (possibly an exaggeration).

12. Magazines.

13. The random clothes my girlfriend leaves behind (mainly panties and such).

14. 1 empty box of condoms and 1 full of bus tickets (don't ask... )

15. My 'Responsible Service of Alcohol' certificate.

16. Guyver OVA episodes 1-12 on 3 or 4 VHS tapes... also Dark Hero somewhere amongst them (no originals).

17. School books from this year, my final year of high school, which I am keeping instead of throwing out for once.

18. Over 100 bus tickets (once again, don't ask).

That is all for now.

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