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Fanfic - The Genesis. Posted at A03 and FF.net

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So, yeah. It's kinda good luck finding a beta reader at FFN who knows Guyver and is still around there. But, the story is just starting out. Any beta read volunteers? ^^;;

So, off the bat, it's a alternate/hybridized continuity mixing setting material from both the Manga/Animes and the live action movies. Roles of characters from the two canon Guyververses can be changed around, some characters may or may not still be alive at story start...a few had some (hopefully understood) name tweaks...because having a Balcus and a Barcas is just...very...funky.


Guyver - the Genesis


Basic outline; 16 year old Shae finds the strange unit hidden in her and her father's home after he vanishes one night. Soon enough, it reveals itself to be a bio-mechanical alien device that symbiotically bonds with her, and places her in the crosshairs of the secretive Chronos Corporation. The truth of what happened to her father and his involvement with Chronos is just the beginning as a hunt for her and the remaining known units has begun.

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