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Devilman Grimoire

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Ok I had heard of this but it almost slipped under my radar with a lot of other stuff going on. The first volume of Devilman Grimoire has been released in English about a month ago.Image result for devilman G



Well I never thought to see the day. With Devilman vs Cyborg 009 coming out on Netflix last year and the upcoming Devilman: Crybaby coming out next week, Devilman has finally broken ground in a big way. Before Devilman was limited to its original 2 OVAS, The Devillady series, Demon Lord Dante (who was the proto-type for Devilman and Mazinger Z) and Violence Jack (although you'd never know it from the matiral used in those OVAS).  The Devilman OVA's were incomplete due to issues between Nagai and the director but I hold them on equal footing to those of Guyver in terms of quality, the dubs however are almost polar opposites. I've commented before that Guyver's dub for the time was some of the best you could get for that era of anime.....Devilman's by comparison is a bloody joke. DevilLady is a pretty solid anime although it heavily deviates  from its source material however this was mostly for the better as while I enjoy both version the toned down nature of the anime makes it more accessible plus its dub is pretty good. Demon Lord Dante had ok but cheap animation, its dub is ok but relatively lack luster and its biggest sin is that is far to slow passed and meandering the majority of the time to be overly fun. Violence Jake is infamous among any who watch older anime as by far one of the single most twisted, depraved and spiteful things you will ever watch. This is kind of the point because the story is intended to look at the true dark side of humanity but that dose not make it any less unsettling. Even in its heavily edited state this is apparent and the fact that its basically made up of 2 story arcs plucked from quit a way into the story (VJ is a very very long series) and one original story none of which flow into eachother to create a cohesive narrative help. The dub is not great ether with the only good thing in it being that Jack was voiced by Bob Sessions who was the voice of Genzo Makishima/Enzyme in Guyver's UK dub.

Along with what I've just mentioned the Classic Devilman manga as well as Devilman vs Hades will both be released about March time next years. So 2018 is going to be the years of Devilman for us westerners. (we can also hope Guyver starts back up next year to.)

Image result for devilmanImage result for devilman vs hadesImage result for devilman Crybaby



Now back to Devilman G. This manga came out in 2012 and is very interesting in it own way. The best was I can describe it to you is a fusion of the original Manga and Anime, a modernised version of the original's art style and some new and interesting plot elements worked in to keep it fresh.

If you have read come across the original manga before the basic set up will be familiar to you. I wont go into too much detail for any who wants to read the orginal when its out, Devilman G and or watch Crybaby. But I will talk about some of the changes.

Probably the biggest change it to the character of Miki, while she was always a spunky and strong willed character her over all role in the original story was important but not prominent in the plot. Akira was deeply in love with her but she only became aware of what was going on with him at the very end of the story. Simple put she's not an active secondary protagonist. In this story Miki is now Co-Protagonist with Akira. As a result far more active and interesting. Probably the biggest change is her obsession with witchs and the occult, she's clamed to be a witch since she was little, dress like one and also says she's a descendant of Solomen. She has no real magic power, although as children she would rope poor Akira into her "summoning spells", but things take a turn for the nasty she apparently dose summon some demons and may be responsibility for Akira becoming Devilman.


Akira/Devilman is also very different and the main reason I say this is a fusion of the manga and anime. At his core Akira is likewise identical with the only real change to his character is him being a little embarrassed by Miki's Witch Otaknuss. That all changes when he's possessed by Amon. Akira's personalities radically alters becoming more aggressive and confident but unlike the manga and most other versions of the story Devilman is not Akira with the body of a demon. He's Amon possessing Akira's body and being influenced by Akira's pure heart and love of Miki! This mirrors the original anime were Devilman (he was not known as Amon in that version) possessed the corpse of Akira but fell in love with Miki when he returned home.


While some of the plot point are very much copied from the original much of the actually events around them are very different. Also there are a lot more named demon characters active in the story rather then random hordes. This allows us to get a very interesting look into villains as characters something that original manga only touched on slightly. Also a good chunk of these demons are background and one shot enemies from the original manga (and by extension the OVAs) as well as the original anime series. This gives us a very diverse caste of bad guys who even if they don't stick around long leave a stronger impression then they might have.

One Personal faviort is the demoness Ebain.

Image result for ebain devilmanImage result for ebain devilman

One of the more stand out demons from the anime, Ebain had the power to travel though and exist within reflective surfaces (such as mirrors). Her overall look is unchanged although more sexualised. I bring her up not only because she is one of my favourits but she is also a good example of how these characters are used to alter some of the more familure events from the original. Ebain is added to one of the early iconic fights from the original, turning a relatively easy if troublesome fight for Devilman into a pretty intense battle.


So far I've found the first volume to be pretty good. You can enjoy both as a fan of the original but due to its more modern art style and the way the story is structured new comers can jump right in to.



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