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Le Tour de France

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Surprisingly, this topic hasn't exactly been noted yet, even though it's happening now, and it has a slight controversy over Lance Armstrong and the use of drugs on the ride.

Everyone has probably heard that this will be Armstrong's attenpt at a record-breaking sixth win in the Tour if he wins.

From reports that I've heard (on TV, on the internet, etc.), the French police and reporters are trying to find something to throw Armstrong out for.

Just to get a general idea, who believes Lance hasn't been using preformance enhancing drugs? Why or why not? Just curious. :wink:

You can check out the information and standings here.

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I thought they resolved this already. Wasn't it related to his cancer treatment?

Inner monolouge: *Don't do the Robin Williams joke, Don't do the Robin Williams joke.*

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If you ask me it is just sour grapes.

I mean when was the last time the French won the tour de France. When you can't win your own competition that is pretty pathetic compounded by the fact they didn't even get second place.

Well that is my two cents agree disagree I don't care it is late and I am going to bed.

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