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Lost Collector's Item Found

Guest YoungGuyver

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In 2001 a rare Guyver Anime Production Cell was up for sale on ebay. What was really good about it was that this was signed by english voice actor Tom Charles.

Well, I took a chance and bought it from a guy in NewYork. I waited two weeks for the air mail delivery, then a month, and then eight weeks. I started to get just a little anxious. A kit that I bought at about the same time also never arrived. It was a pity, the cell was never even seen again on ebay. It was permanently missing.

Eventually I gave up. This became a lost treasure.

A few days ago, my brother calls me up to talk about getting together for my birthday, and asks if I ever drew a picture of him on a sheet of plastic (my brother's name is Tom). Apparently he left something at his freinds house and they have been waiting for him to pick it up for a very long time. The strange thing is he never remembered even seeing this before. Well, my name was on the delivery package... so he gave me a call. Nobody knows how it got to his freinds house for the past three years, but the Guyver Production Cell has finally been found!

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